ELL Testing

  • Who is Potentially Eligible for English Learner Services:

    At the time of enrollment in the Ann Arbor Public Schools, a Home Language Survey must be completed. It is used to determine whether the student’s native language is one other than English, or whether another language is spoken in the student’s home. If either circumstance is true, the student will be assessed to determine English language proficiency. As required by the State of Michigan, the students will be assessed using the WIDA Screener.

    Students who do not achieve a proficient level on the assessment are eligible for EL services. Parents/guardians of eligible students who want to decline EL services must request a “Decline Services” form from their school’s EL teacher or counselor.

    All students identified English Learners (ELs) are required to take the WIDA ACCESS in the spring. This includes students who have declined services. The WIDA ACCESS will be administered each year until the student scores at a proficient level, as determined by the Michigan Department of Education.


    For Students New To Ann Arbor Public Schools

    The WIDA Screener is a screening test required for all potentially eligible English learners (ELs) new to the Ann Arbor Public Schools this fall.  This includes exchange students. *Exceptions include students who have proof of previous WIDA Access scores at levels 5 or 6 and M-STEP reading scores at or above grade level.


    Secondary Placement Tests -- Summer 2017

    Every August, before the start of the school year, we run testing centers around the district. Students who are potentially eligible for EL services are able to be tested before the school year. Results are sent to the schools within 24 hours to help the counselors determine appropriate class placement for students.

    *Students must be registered for tests at least 2 business days in advance. (Students who register between Friday after 5pm and Monday at 8am won't be able to take the test until Wednesday.) 

    * Students must be enrolled in AAPS prior to signing up for testing in order for us to be able to administer the WIDA Screener. 

    *Students who are not tested in August will be tested at their schools during the school day beginning in September. The EL teacher at that school will help coordinate testing. 


    Choose your testing location. 

    *You don't have to test at the school closest to your home. You can sign-up for testing at any school. 

    ** If there is a chance that you might need to change or cancel your appointment, please check or tick the box that will give you a Sign Up Genius account.  If you don't do this and need to change/cancel your appointment, please email Mary-Margaret Cornish at least 48 hours in advance.  cornish@aaps.k12.mi.us



  • Click HERE to sign up for testing for 6th - 9th graders. 


    Click HERE to sign up for testing for 10th - 12th graders. 


    Additional times will be added for the week of August 29th, soon.