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    Click here to see  Ms. Ray's Language & Literature Syllabus

    We will study the following :
    • Units of Study:
      • Digital Literacy 
      • Argument Writing
      • Literary Analysis: Novel Study
      • Compare and Contrast Writing
      • Creative Writing 
      • Inquiry/Research Project
      • Literary Analysis 
    • Word Generation Academic Vocabulary:   Biweekly dilemmas designed to build academic vocabulary and debate skills. 
    • Language Study:   6th Grade : Focus on prefixes/ suffixes; denotation and connotation; subjects, objects and predicates; pronoun use and agreement.  
    • Independent Reading:  Students will be reading books of their choice at school and at home. They will be expected to read 2.5 hours per week (only about 30 minutes done in class).  Each student will complete projets on their books and participate in "book talks".  
    Learning Targets:  
    Learning targets are "I can..." statements that inform students what he/she needs to know and will be able to do.  These statements come from the Common Core State Standards and are deconstructed into student friendly language.  "I can.." statements will be on the board daily.  I will ask students to engage in self-assessment around each specific learning targets.  

    Standards Based Grading Policy:

    Grades in this class will be standards-based. This means that your final grade will show how completely you understand our learning targets. Therefore, the assessments will look different this year.  Instead of receiving a percentage score, students will be graded on each individual learning target. This type of feedback will inform students and the parents what a student knows and can do.  
    I value your learning and growth.  If you feel that you have not done your best on any assignment and would like to have another chance, please speak to me about this. In addition, if I feel you could use more practice on a learning target, I will ask you revisit the target.  This will require additional practice before you retake an assessment. My goal is to help you meet all learning targets.  You cannot redo assignments that have not been turned in, so stay current on ALL assignments.
    Redoing Summative Assessments- You may redo any summative assessment to improve your final grade.
    • Redo must be within 1-2 weeks of original assessment.

    • The time and date must be scheduled with the teacher.

    • No redo the last week of the term.

    • Redo may be in a different form from the original assessment (teacher choice).

    • You must have redo ticket completed/approved before retrying an assessment

    • You must complete additional practice with a learning target to improve your understanding

    I will follow the citizenship rubric in the student planner. 
    Students should read a book of their choice every night at home for 30 minutes.  Any unfinished work in class becomes homework.  Some students may need extra time to complete assignments done in class.