I am excited to work together in order to develop a community of life-long learners.  We will collaborate and grow together.  In order for us to succeed, you will need to:
                                     • Think critically
                                     • Read deeply
                                     • Write meaningfully
                                     • Try your best and pay attention to your growth (self-assess)
                                     • Respect yourself and others
    Attendance Policy:
    Please use your passing time wisely.  This is the time to take bathroom breaks, visit your locker, chat with our friends, get drinks, etc. Students should be in class ready to begin when the bell rings. If this does not occur, you will be marked tardy.  I will not allow you to leave the classroom during whole class instruction or during the first or last 15 minutes of class, unless there is an emergency.   
    Tardy Policy:
    If you happen to be tardy, quickly take your seat and begin working.  If this behavior becomes habitual, I will have a conversation with you and a parent or guardian will be contacted.  
    Please plan for your absences.  Assignments and due dates are given in advance and are expected to be turned in on time regardless if you are in school that day.  You may turn work in before it is due, have someone drop it off to me or send it via email.  If possible, let me know ahead of time if you are going to be absent so I can help you keep caught up on your work and schedule make up dates for quizzes and tests.
    Electronics Policy:
    All cell phones and devices must be put away during class time.  The use of headphones or iPods are at the teacher's discretion.
    Food/Drink Policy:
    You may bring a water bottle to class if you prefer. However, you may not eat in the classroom unless you have special permission from me.  Chewing gum is allowed.  
    Entering/ Leaving The Classroom:
    Class begins the minute the bell rings.  I expect you to be in the class with your Do Now sheet and a pencil.  You may not leave the classroom without my permission.  At the end of class, please do not leave when the bell rings.  I will dismiss you.
    Work Time:
    Please do not talk during whole class instruction.  When you are working with a small group, make sure your work is done in a timely manner. If you finish early, work on unfinished work for ELA or spend your extra time reading!