• My name is Rachel Goldberg and I have been the Wines librarian since 2021. Prior to my work in AAPS, I worked in a local independent school as well as a nearby middle school in a variety of roles, including classroom teaching and program administration. However, in all the roles I've had in schools, I've always come to them as a librarian first, which means my work has always involved seeking multiple perspectives (especially those whose voices have not always been part of the dominant narrative), using stories to connect those of us in the classroom with the greater world outside, and supporting students' information literacy skills. It is probably obvious, but I also love to read, talk about books, listen to others talk about books, and help people find that for which they are looking (books for pleasure, books for a particular purpose, or books they might not even know they're hoping to find). I know that stories change lives, information changes lives, and all our students need adults who see their full humanity and work to support their growth into kind, compassionate, knowledgeable citizens of the world. 

    Ask me about my family, my ornery but lovable cat, sourdough bread baking, running, poetry, and, of course, good books.