Your child will have time during our afternoon work sessions to eat a healthy snack if you would like to send one in. Please send in a quick and nutritious snack as we like to encourage healthy eating and your child will be eating while continuing to work. We would appreciate a snack that is easy to open and eat, and one that is not messy! Some suggestions are cheese sticks, veggies, fruit, and crackers. Snacks need to be completely nut-free.

    We love to celebrate students’ birthdays in third grade! On his or her birthday, your child will be able to choose a favorite Morning Meeting activity to lead and play with the class. Once a month, we will take a longer class activity time to play a game or do a fun activity to celebrate all of that month’s birthdays. We will not be celebrating with food in the classroom. If you would like to send in a non-food item to share such as pencils or stickers, that would be fine. Please email us close to your child’s birthday if your child needs some help with choosing an activity to lead.