Class Snack

Snack & Drinks



    Snacks: Lawton school has a snack policy. If students would like to have a snack at school, the snack must be a fruit or vegetable. In our classroom, we will have snack each day around 2 pm for anyone who wishes to munch on a snack while we continue to learn. It is best if you are able to pack your child’s snack in a separate bag or container. I will ask students to quickly grab their snacks when it is snack time. Please send in spoons/forks with your child if he/she is eating fruit cups or applesauce as snack.  

    Our class will accept class snack donations this year. We would LOVE to receive bananas, a bag of oranges or apples, a bunch of grapes or bags of baby carrots occasionally throughout the year. Often, children forget their snack at home and this is a generous way to provide snack for all. So, if you are able to send in a class snack one time this year, we would be grateful! Thank you!

    Drinks: It is important for children to stay hydrated. Please send in a water bottle with your child's name on it to use in the classroom. If your child is bringing his/her lunch to school, it is best to also have a drink in the lunchbox. Thank you!