As a result of the recent rise in food allergies,  please help us by checking the ingredient list of food items before sending them to school. Students will have an opportunity to have snack in the morning and afternoon.  This year we will have class snack in the morning.  All students will eat the same snack provided from the wish list.  Afternoon snacks will be individual snacks.  Pleas send in one snack for your child and snacks to share with the class as needed or requested.  Label all containers and bags with your child’s name. 

    For the first two weeks we only be distributing only fruits and veggies.  If you like to provide the class with fruits and veggies (carrots, grapes, apples, etc… they can be donated at anytime. Please make sure they are washed and ready to eat.

    All snacks should require  no maintenance by the teacher and should be healthy choices.  Please limit to 1 item for snack.  Snacks should be placed in a separate bag from their lunch.   If your child does not have a snack I will provide them with an extra snack from the snack list.  There will be no sharing of individual snacks due to allergies. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  Please feel free to contact me by phone (734) 977 -1212 ex 15429, emailing me, or sending a note in your child’s folder,  If you wish to donate a snack from the safe snack list for the class you can also donate them anytime