District Curriculum

  • District Curriculum

    Curriculum Resource for parents


    Guided Reading (Fountas & Pinnell) 

    Reading is knowing and understanding what you read. 

    90 minutes literacy 

    Small groups on last years reading level

    End of the year outcomes is Level I

    Focus: Levels A - D sight words

    Focus: Levels E and higher

    Comprehension and Writing

     Everyday Math

    Spiral Curriculum - Connect Ed


    Send home every Monday - do not need to be returned to school

     Lucy Culkins - Writing Workshop


    7 Units of Study    

    Launching a Writing Workshop

    Small Moments: Personal Narrative Writing 

    Writing for Readers: Teaching Skills and Strategies 

    The Craft of Revision 

    Authors as Mentors

    Nonfiction Writing: Procedures and Reports

    Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages

    Phonics/Working with Words (Fountas & Pinnell)

    Taught daily

    Reinforced in Guided Reading Groups

    Hands on 


    Games to play at home





    Collecting and examining life

    PLTW - Will start in th Winter 

    Social Studies



    My School and My Family

    How Do We Get Along in School?

    Why Is It Important to Learn from Each Other?

    Why Do Schools Have Rules?

    Who Helps Us at School?

    How Are We Good Helpers at School?

    What Is a Map?

    What Was School Like Long Ago?

    What Groups Do We Belong To?

    How Are Families Special?

    What Do Families Need and Want?

    How Do Family Members Care for Each Other?

    How Do Families Change?

    What Are Family Traditions?

    What Do Good Neighbors Do?

    Health - Michigan Model


    Social and Emotional Health

     Nutrition and Physical Activity


     Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

     Personal Health and Wellness

    Other Curriculum  

    Handwriting without Tears



    Centers information

    Centers are curriculum activities that small group of students are engaged in while the teacher is meeting with reading groups.   Traditional way of running centers is student are placed in groups and rotated after a certain time limit. To help students engage in activities that they enjoy and can challenge themselves I conduct centers by allowing students to choose the centers they would like to go to. Allowing the students to choose their own center gives them a sense of freedom and makes good choices. If a student is not engaged or not interested in these curriculum driven centers they tend to “play” around and not complete the work. Students learn many other skills. They learn how to use their time wisely, make good choices, and work with others. 

    All the centers activities are literacy curriculum related and have been taught in class.  Some of the center choices are library, pocket chart, art, ipads, writing, phonic activities, writing assignments, ABC work, etc…