• Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) system


    I want to create the best possible environment for your child! To ensure that this year truly is an exciting educational experience, I ask that you please read over this important information and refer to it throughout the year, as needed.


    This year we will continue to use be Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) system.  PBIS focuses on being respectful, responsible, and safe.

    If a student is doing above and beyond they will move their name from green to blue.  Every student is at ready to learn (green) every morning and they start over at green in the afternoon.  Students may have an opportunity move their name if their behavior improves and does not need any more warnings. 

    If your child moves his or her name to yellow.  They may receive a “think about it” sheet to reflect  on the actions. If your child receives a “think” about it sheet please sign it and return it the next school day through the folder

    Incentives:  I believe that every child is here to learn and with or without incentives it is their job to follow the rules and learn at school everyday. It is my job to educate your child.

    Bryant’s incentive program:

    Every day a student will receive at least 1 “tiger paw”. On Fridays the teacher will draw a name out of the box and send the “tiger paw” down to the office. During lunchtime the principal will draw a name out and they will come down to the office and get a treat. There will also be monthly celebrations as a school.

    In class: Students who move their names to blue will be allowed to choose something from the mystery box. 

    Random treats (sticker, stamp, small piece of candy) will be given to students whose names are at green. We will also be focusing on positive collaboration with others and teams.