PTSO Documents and Job Descriptions

  • Bylaws and Constitution

    The Scarlett PTSO is a 501c3 non-profit organization and strives to conduct itself professionally in service of our kids and school community. Click below to see our bylaws and constitution.

  • PTSO Job Descriptions

    President or Co-Presidents

    • Sets the agenda and leads all Executive and General meetings
    • Oversees and assists in budget and financial operations of the PTSO
    • Submits newsletter announcements on behalf of the PTSO
    • Updates and maintains the master calendar
    • Organizes and leads PTSO officers and appointees and all PTSO events and activities
    • Represents the PTSO at community and district events
    • Serves as ex-officio members of all committees

    Vice-President or Co-Vice-Presidents

    • Attends Executive and General meetings and performs the duties for the President in their absence
    • Conducts inventories of all PTSO assets
    • Assists the President in ongoing events, operations, and procedures of PTSO
    • Represents the PTSO at community and district events
    • Helps maintain the PTSO’s website, master calendar and general correspondence: thank you letters, etc.


    • Take minutes at all PTSO General meetings and Executive Board meetings
    • Maintains documentation of all meeting minutes, monthly reports, bylaws, the calendar, and volunteer list along with the Articles of Incorporation and Insurance policy
    • Chairs meetings in the absence of the President or Vice President
    • Helps maintain the PTSO’s Website and general correspondence: thank you letters, etc.


    • Submit a monthly financial report at all PTSO General meetings
    • Maintain all PTSO financial records
    • Have primary possession of PTSO checkbook and records
    • Collect and disburse PTSO funds according to the budget
    • Follow cash handling procedures and control over funds
    • File or work with a tax preparer approved by the board
    • File yearly taxes and maintain files of taxes and previous years financial records, along with Articles of Incorporation
    • Pay yearly insurance and dues
    • Pay all PTSO bills
    • Supply cashbox requests and deposits thereof
    • Have possession of Tax I.D. and 501(c)(3) information
    • Have possession of Insurance policy and memberships

    PTO Council Representative

    • Attends PTO Council meetings, representing the Scarlett community, and reports back to the PTSO during all General meetings.

    Communications Appointee 

    • Provides community news to parents, students and staff via eNotes and the Scarlett Newsletter, via email/School Messenger, PTSO Website, Social Media, etc.

    Fundraising Appointee 

    • Coordinates the fundraising plan for the school year and organize and leads fundraising efforts with the help of the PTSO Board.
    • Schedules and leads the fundraising presentations for consideration for the upcoming school year.

    Hospitality Appointee

    • Coordinates any food or beverages for PTSO sponsored events, meetings and activities and to form committees when needed to perform these

    Scarlett Gear/School Store Appointee

    • Assists the Executive Board in the ordering of Scarlett Gear/Spirit Wear
    • Purchases school store supplies for the School Store
    • Maintains records of inventory, sales and expenses 
    • Submits all monies and receipts to the Treasurer
    • Sells Scarlett Gear during school store hours (lunch hours on specified dates for each month) and makes Scarlett Gear available for sale at school wide events when possible.

    PTO Thrift Shop Representative

    • Interacts with the AAPS PTO Thrift Shop on their fundraising programs to understand and implement their procedures in order to
      ensure PTO Thrift Shop funds are allotted to Scarlett throughout the year.
    • Heads the Promos in Publications fundraiser. Distributes a PDF of the current Promotional artwork to anyone in the school that sends communications, creates brochures, etc. Eligible publications include school directories, PTO and PTSO newsletters/e-newsletters, plus team sports programs, performance programs and playbills (including theatre, orchestra, band, choir and jazz band). The PTO Thrift Representative sends verification copies of each  publication -- proof of successful completion of the fundraising activity -- by email to 


    • To be appointed by the Executive Board for the purpose of reflecting the diverse school population.