• Backpacks/School supplies:

    Your child should bring his/her backpack to school everyday.  The backpack should be large enough to hold items such as library books, notes, artwork, papers, daily folders, etc…  In addition, for winter months, boots and snow pants (which are required to play in the snow) must also fit in the backpack.

    The school will provide most of the school supplies (pencils, crayons, notebooks, etc…).  If there are any special supplies your child needs, I will send home a wish list.  Please do not send in any individual extra supplies. Please make sure your child’s name is on all items brought to school.  Please check backpacks and folders daily.

    Items from home:

    It is best that items from home NOT be brought to school. They usually cause sharing problems or become lost or broken. NO WEAPONS OR NON-PRESCRIBED DRUGS AT ANY TIME. Please be sure to put your child’s name on all items brought from home including jackets and backpacks. Many children have identical items and it makes it easier to identify lost articles.

    Water bottles: 

    Students can bring in water bottles but it must be spill proof.  Students  

    will leave it in their cubbies.  Please put your child’s name on it. We do have a drinking fountain in the class if you do not wish to send in a water bottle.  

    Newsletters /Homework:

    Each child will have a “Daily Folder” that will be sent home daily.  In the folder, one side will have homework and the other side will have notes to keep at home.  I will send homework as need in these folders. Please complete the homework daily unless indicated on the assignment.  I will also be checking folders daily.  If you have any notes, lunch money, permission slips, etc… please place them in the folder.  

    Once a week (usually on Fridays), I will also send home additional  folder marked “Weekly Folders”.  If there are incomplete assignments in the “Weekly Folder”, please complete it and return it to school in their “Daily Folder” after completion. Please look over all of the the information, sign the sheet, empty out the “Weekly Folder”, and return it to school the next school day.

    Newsletters will be sent home weekly.  If you do not have email/internet access please let me know ASAP.  

    Please check “Daily Folders” everyday!

    Star of the Week: 

    Each week we will be celebrating a student.  When your child is chosen, your child will complete a “star of the week” poster and return it to school. He or she will have and opportunity to share it with the class.  More information will be shared with you at a later date.  The first couple of weeks will be celebrating teachers and helpers in the class.  

     Report cards/conferences:

    Report letters (progress reports) are sent home three times during the school year: fall, winter and spring. Please make sure to return the envelopes. 

    Parent-Teacher Conferences are held in the fall. Please plan to come to Curriculum Night to sign up for  fall conferences. Additional you can schedule a conference anytime during the school year if you have any questions or concerns.

    NWEA Testing:

    NWEA testing will take place three time year; Beginning of the year, winter, and spring.  Specific dates will be announced closer to the test dates.

    Personal Goal Setting: 

    Students will be setting “smart” goals.  These goals are:

    Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, and Time based.  Details will be shared with you at curriculum night. 

    Gym shoes/special schedule:

    For their protection, your child must wear rubber-soled shoes for gym class since the gym floor can be quite slippery with regular shoes. The special classes for first grade also include Art,  Vocal Music, and Media/Library. I will also take them to the computer lab as need.


    We will have media (ILT)/library three times a week.  Tuesdays will be check out day. Students will be able to check out books on Tuesdays. 

    Helping out in the classroom:

    There are several ways you can volunteer in the classroom. I will have a sign up sheet on curriculum night. There are field trips, special school events, weekly or daily help in classroom, helping at home, and many other ways.  Grandparents and older siblings are also welcome!  But always remember when visiting or volunteering in building, you must sign in and out at the office. All volunteers need to have a background check for the safety of all students. - More information will be shared during curriculum night.  


    Birthdays are very special for all students! However, due to severe allergies, birthday cakes/cupcakes of any kind are no longer allowed in the school.  If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school you may send in goodie bags that consist of non-food items, i.e. pencils, erasers, etc… Party invitations should not be given to students in school unless every student in class is receiving an invitation .  Also, please let me know if your child does not celebrate birthdays or any other holidays.


    In first grade we will  be using headphones.  If you are able, please send in a pair of inexpensive headphones or earbuds to keep in their cubbies.  We will use them often.  All headphones must have your child’s name on it. Five Below has headphones for $5.  


    Children being picked up by parents will be taken outside to the parent pick up area in front of the building.   Children riding buses will be taken to their bus directly by the teacher. Children attending Bryant’s childcare program are taken to the assigned room or picked up by childcare personnel. If someone other than you is picking up your child, PLEASE SEND A NOTE.  If at any time your child’s regular destination changes, please send a note or call the office before 2:00 PM. We will not be able to able to change your child’s regular destination without a note or call from you.  If your child is enrolled in any after school activities at the school please let me know soon as possible.