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October 4, 2016 PTO Meeting Minutes

  • Mark from Kiwanis spoke about the successful 5K run. $500.00 checks went to the Thurston Pantry and Thurston Nature Center


    Thurston Players

    Praveena Ramaswami and the Players have an information meeting for new parents on Oct 11th from 6:30-7:30 and auditions for parents/children on Oct 18th and 19th. The majority of proceeds from the Players (usually $5000.00) go to Thurston. This year’s production is the video-game–themed “Game On.” For more information, go to

    Kelly Delp has re-joined the PTO board as the Fundraising Chair. The PTOC rep is supposed to be on the board, but no one has been able to meet the time commitment. There was discussion of whether the fundraising chair should become a permanent part of the board. Motion made by Brandy C. Merritt to add Fundraising chair to the board. Seconded by Amy Sonntag. Motion passes with no objections or abstentions. Motion to remove PTOC chair from the board made by Amy Sonntag and seconded by Brandy C. Merritt. Motion passes with no abstentions or objections.

    The Fun Run is off to a great start. Keep spreading the word about the online fundraising page. The run is October 24th.

    All School Event budget. Continuing an all-school event would cost $7 per child for 462 kids. Some parents expressed concern about the cost, and others noted the reward and team building aspects. Ms. York spoke in favor of the all-school event and mentioned that negotiations did bring the cost down from previous years. Other alternative events that were considered were equally if not more expensive. The need for transparency in our decision was discussed, so as to not surprise the community. Motion for $7 per child made by Elizabeth Morehead and seconded by Corentin Cras-Meneur. Motion passes with no objections or abstentions

    Ice cream social was brought up as being expensive, and thoughts like sno cones were brought up as a less expensive alternative to frozen yogurt.

    National Walk to School Day this year involved the Mayor, Christopher Taylor as well as a traffic engineer and safety groups passing out books and other gifts for the participating children. Ann Arbor News and AAPS staff also attended a presentation in the MPR. Kids will receive a Fitness Foot charm for every walk to school day they participate in. Mr Fisher will also be using the Feet for an exercise program called the Mileage Club. There are enough feet for two months, and we will be revisiting buying more feet at a future meeting as well as which budget areas and sponsors may be willing to contribute. Potential cross promotion with the 5K was mentioned as well.

    There is a parent and Robotics Engineer interested in starting a robotics club. There would be a charge per student for participation and materials. This would start with the 5th grade and be opened up if less than 20 kids are interested. There will be a competition in February, and if they win they can move on to other competitions. Julie Koehn volunteered to do the fundraising for the club.

    Motion for up to $1000.00 for robotics club made by Corentin Cras-Meneur, and seconded by Kelly Delp. Motion passes with no objections and one abstention.

    Community Service Club will be at the Fall Festival again raising money for charity. They were taking suggestions for recipients.

    Tori Melendez mentioned that any new families can get a copy of the New Parent Directory.

    The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) off Huron Pkwy will give $500.00 to the elementary schools with the highest participation in their connected vehicle study. New participants are being accepted and existing participants can also let them know to credit Thurston. Their email is

    Anne Traicoff is the Thurston representative for parents of students with IEP’s and 504 plans. AAPAC meetings are the first Monday of every month in the 2nd floor Tappan Middle School Media Center. SISS staff are available for one on one conversations from 6:00 to 6:45 and the main parents meeting begins at 7:00.

    We will have Turkey Trot again this year, so look for signup information.