• Homework

    On Mondays, your child will bring home their Homework folders. Inside the folders, you will find a homework log that is expected to be completed by your child and signed by a parent. Homework Logs are due back in class on Fridays. 


    • I will include about 3-4 Home Links (math pages) that serve to reinforce our math learning in class for the week. Completing the math Home Links is optional. You may also use the Home Links as "talking points" in which you would facilitate a conversation with your child about what s/he is learning in math class.


    • It is important for your child to secure their addition and subtraction facts this year. We will provide fact tests in class often to monitor fact fluency growth and to offer support to students. Please practice learning the facts at home each evening for 5-10 minutes. There are many websites that offer fact practice through games and there are free fact tests online that you can print at home for extra paper/pencil practice. There are flashcards at the Dollar Store or you can make your own flashcards on scraps pieces of paper! Fact practice should take place each night. Your child is "fact fluent" when he/she is accurate and quick with their recall. 


    •  You will also find a list of spelling words (once spelling begins.) The spelling words should be cut apart once and sorted at home multiple times during the week. Your child can also practice spelling their words with Play Dough, stamps, rice, or by writing them on paper or dry erase boards, too! Spelling word practice should be fun, last 5-10 minutes a night, and be varied. I would prefer students keep their interest in learning the new words, so providing a variety of ways to practice spelling is helpful!  


    • In additon, your child is expected to read every night for about 15-20  minutes to develop their fluency and comprehension skills. I will provide you with handouts during our parent-teacher conferences that will offer ways to support your child's reading growth at home.  


    •  If I feel your child needs extra enrichment homework, then I will provide additonal challenge work to be completed and returned each Friday. If you would like your child to extend his/her learning, please do so! Encourage your child to pursue what their current interests may be (i.e. construct an active volcano, write a story, conduct research, engage in writing poetry etc.)