Degrees and Certifications:

Mike Lovelace


I teach because I really enjoy helping kids to learn, gain confidence, work harder and achieve more than they originally thought they could. I enjoy seeing the growth process. I enjoy seeing students I teach years later that remember the great times we had together and that I was a part of their growth process.

I enjoy math because math it is so instrumental in so many parts of life including personal finance, logic and problem solving skills, analyzing, calculating for projects and decision making. I not only enjoy the challenge of solving problems myself, I also enjoy helping students to increase their problem solving skills by seeing many different types of problems and solving them together.

I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends, whatever that may be, since time is so precious these days. As long as we are spending time together, I enjoy it. I enjoy being the varsity basketball coach at Skyline and having close relationships with the players and coaches in the program. I enjoy watching sports, playing sports and coaching sports. I enjoy playing board games with my friends. I really enjoy going to concerts and plays and watch anyone that is passionate about what they do and being really good at it. Confidence and talent is so beautiful.

I am the lead of the Skyline Climate Committee. I am the Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Skyline (