Frequently Asked Questions About Safety Town

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    What time does Safety Town begin and where is it this year?

    Morning-only begins at 8:45a and ends at 11:45a. These hours are set to fit better with camps that begin at 9:00 so you're not delivering your other children late.

    Full-day camp opens at 7:30a and you may pick up as late as 5:30p. This year Safety Town is at Wines Elementary School, 1701 Newport Rd

    What does my child need to bring? All children (full-day and morning-only program) bring a fruit or veggie snack and a water bottle every day along with an extra set of clothes just in case. Please put these is a backpack or easy-to-carry bag with your child's name on it. Please apply sunscreen before your child arrives.

    Full-day campers also bring a peanut/treenut-free lunch that does not need to be reheated. Be sure to include any utensils, napkins etc needed to eat this lunch. An afternoon snack is provided by the camp. Please pack the morning snack separately so it's easy for your child to take it to their morning classroom. It's a good idea to apply sunscreen and bring a hat because we go outside every day.

    Where do we enter the building and how early may we enter?

    Morning-only families may enter the main school entrance 10 minutes before Safety Town begins. That's at 8:35a. If you arrive earlier, you're welcome to hang out near the entrance until the doors are unlocked.

    Full-day campers enter to the left of the main entrance. The sign near the door there says Full Day Camp Enter Here.

    When will I find out what room my child's in? We try to send out emails detailing lots of things, including your classroom number, on the Thursday afternoon before camp begins the following Monday. We will always have it to you by Friday afternoon.

    Why can't you send out the room information earlier? Scheduling children in one of our 10 classrooms is very complicated. We're trying to place children with others going to their same school. We're also trying to place them with their friends if you've requested them. Some children are registering during this same time too.

    Why didn't I get an email? We sent you one and here are some of the reasons it might not get to you.

    • We have an incorrect email.
    • The email we have is not yours. Instead it's your partner's who wasn't expecting it and didn't share it with you.
    • It went to spam.
    • You didn't include an email for your child's registration and we didn't notice. This is because the person registered in our system is the one that gets the email. Your child has to have your email attached to them and sometimes this is skipped over and left blank. We check this and add it but sometimes we miss this.

    Did I turn in all my forms? When you register, we ask you all the questions we need for permissions, waivers and emergency contacts. We also ask you if your child has an medical needs, what school they'll be attending in the fall, t-shirt size, do they have an IEP or 504 and do you have any special requests.You are likely to not need any other paperwork unless you have a child with allergies. Check here for other potential forms. If you don't need these, we don't either.

    What if some of this information changes or I miss filling something out? Sometimes you don't know the answers to everything when you register. If something changes or needs updating, email us with this information at We will answer and let you know we've received it and correct your information in our system. We will NOT know any of this information unless you tell us. It's not automatic unfortunately.

    How can I know what the daily schedule is? This is found on the website with lots of details. A general one for the full-day camp is listed in the catalog and on the registration pages too.

    What is the Smoke House and what happens in there?  Here are the details.

    I need to talk with someone at Safety Town. What number may I call? The Safety Town phone number is 734-994-2255. Call and leave a message and we'll get back to you within 24 business hours during the summer and within a week during the school year.

    What's that Friday parent-only program I heard about? We have a short informative presentation by AAPD on Gun Safety and Tricky Adults. It begins at 11:10 and is in the Multi-purpose room.

    Do they still have a graduation on Friday? No, there isn't a formal graduation. We're proud of all your child has learned this week though! Hopefully they've been sharing some of it with you. At 11:35 each classroom does a short presentation for the adults to show off some of what they learned. They may sing songs, recite rhymes or answer questions. Be sure to take home all the helpful information and their new bike helmet thanks to Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society. If your child is staying for the full day camp, we'll have these things ready for you when you come to pick him or her up in the late afternoon.

    I need to cancel my camp. How do I do that? This information is found on Rec & Ed's website HERE