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December 6, 2016 PTO Meeting Minutes

  • Call to Order and Approval of Minutes:

    Motion to approve the previous meeting minutes made by Kelly Delp, seconded by Corentin Cras Meneur. Motion passes with no objections or abstentions.

    Special Request for White Boards for Band:

    The existing white board used by the band isn’t big enough and is too shiny for projecting images. The projector makes teaching easier for the groups of up to 20 students. Ms. York recommended a portable dry erase board and projector system that can be used in the MPR and other locations. This would not require any new sound system and can be used for music, movies, gym and other events. $3800.00 is the expected cost for a smaller-size board like in the library and the needed cart/holder. Discussion of how this cost could fit into the budget without taking monies from other sources. Motion to spend up to $4,000.00 for this system made by Amy Sontagg and seconded by Brandy C. Merritt. Motion passes with one objection that the vote was too early in the budget discussion process, and no abstentions.

    Principal Update:

    Kids and staff are looking forward to the EMU basketball game on Friday. EMU is covering the cost of tickets and transportation. Families are encouraged to attend the game. Disposable lunches following allergy guidelines should be sent in with the students.

    The all school Ice Skating trip is coming together. There will be either two or three shifts of skaters on the ice, and we’ll need lots of volunteers.

    Look for information on the Talent Show on February 17th. Participant numbers will decide whether there is one show or two.

    Kindergarten roundup will take place on February 16th. Veteran Thurston parents are encouraged to come to the Roundup to act as a “tour guide” and information source for the new families.

    Rain Garden update:

    The rain garden project has gone very well thanks to the efforts of the TNC, Elizabeth Morehead and other parent volunteers, and Green Team students.

    Community Service Club

    The Community Service Club will be doing a used shoe/new sock drive for those in need. We have 3rd and 4th grade groups right now and are always looking for parents to assist there or start groups in other grades. The Thurston pantry is collecting items and the Holiday gift donation list is out as well.