Anytime October Homework Activities

    ______ Count aloud to someone from 1 to 120
    ______ Make a list of letters that are consonants
    ______ Find thermometers in your home
    ______ Practice writing your last name 6 times
    ______ Find a story with pictures do a picture walk.
    ______ Have someone listen to you count by 5s. How high can you count?
    ______ Write out all the vowels and rainbow trace in at least 3 different colors

    ______ Write the names of everyone in your family with a capital letter at the beginning

    ______ Make up a story while you are riding in the car with someone
    ______ Count backward from 20 to 1
    ______ Write sentences using each of these sight words: the, that, of, you
    ______ Write as many words as you can think of that rhyme with “play
    ______ Write 2 sentences about today’s weather
    ______ Read a story by yourself and retell the story to a family member
    ______ Take a handful of something from home. Estimate how many are in your hand. How close was your estimate?
    ______ Help someone at home write a grocery list