• Anytime January Homework Activities

    ______                Write and send a thank you letter


    ______                Learn to tie your shoes if you don’t know how


    ______                Skip count by 5s to 120 for a grownup


    ______                Choose ten words from our interactive word wall (shared with families) that you find tricky to spell and have an adult give you a practice quiz (words on reverse side)


    ______                Write about what you did on New Year’s Eve


    ______                Snowball is a compound word. Write other compound words, for example, ladybug, butterfly, and so on


    ______                Take the numbers in your house address. Now put  

                            them in order from smallest to largest


    ______                Choose ten words  interactive word wall (shared with families) and write them with fancy letters (cursive, bubble, etc.)


    ______                Read a story with someone at home. Tell him/her how you are like one of the characters.


    ______                Choose six (6) of your tricky words  interactive word wall (shared with families) and write them in alphabetical order


    ______                Choose a number and then take it apart, for example, 8 is the same as 4 +4, 6+2, 3+5, and so on


    ______                Write about your favorite winter break memory


    ______                Read two pages in a book to someone with great expression!


    ______                Practice double facts by asking someone to hold up their fingers  (1-10) and you tell what that number is doubled (1+1, 2+2, etc.)


    ______                Practice measuring flat objects at home with paper clips or another small object


    ______                Have someone at home write three reasons why they are proud of you



    Anytime December Homework Activities


    ______Read a story and tell someone at home about the main character
    ______ Make and send a holiday/seasonal card to someone special
    ______ Play a board game with someone that includes counting
    ______ Write 10 of your sight words with fancy letters (see back of this paper)
    ______ Listen to someone at home talk about something they remember aboutschool

    ______ Draw a picture of your bedroom and label the items
    ______ Play the game Top It with a deck of playing cards
    ______ Make a list of three (3) words each that start with ch, sh, th, and wh
    ______ Read a story and tell someone at home about the setting
    ______ Snow will be here soon. Write a story about a time you were in the snow. Remember punctuation

    ______ Have your parents write down a number and add or subtract by multiples of ten (10). Do this several times
    ______ Make a list of your favorite foods
    ______ Read a non-fiction story together. Share 2 facts that you learned
    ______ Write three (3) sentences about today’s weather. Remember punctuation
    ______ Make up number stories and number models together for every day events. For example, “I saw 3 red cars. Then I saw 2 blue cars. How many cars did I see in all? 3+2=5”

    ______ Organize some of your sight words in lists by number of syllables


    Anytime November Homework Activities


    ______ Read for 15 minutes to a stuffed animal.

    ______ Write the names of the children you played with during the week. 

    ______ Say the letters of these sight words (you, was, they, from, have, one)

    ______ How many 2-digit numbers can you make using the digits 5, 8, and 2? Use each digit once in each number (example 82, 25, etc)

    ______ Read the days of the week on a calendar. Try to spell the days correectly without looking at the calendar. Remember to capitalize the first letter. 

    ______ Make a list of everything you ate today. 

    ______ List as many words as you can think of that rhyme with "play"

    ______ 16 kids are on the playground. Some of the kids are girls. 9 of the kids are boys. How many girls are on the playgound/ Tell or work with soemeone to figure out the solution. 

    ______ Find the title, author, and illustrator of four of your favorite books using the cover. 

    ______ Try to form new words by adding a letter or letters to these sight words (and, in, is, are, be, at). Exampble and-->sand. How many could you find? 

    ______ Count by 1's, 5's and 10's with a challenge. Try starting at different numbers. "Count up by 10s starting at 3: 13, 23, 33."

    ______ Read a new story. Try to talk through characters, setting, problem and solution. 

    ______ Visit our interactive word wall in gmail. Write some sight words from the list in pyramid form: 




    ______ Say a number less than 10. Have your child say the other number needed to make a sum of 10; for example, if you say 7, your child should say 3. Because 7+3=10



    Anytime October Homework Activities

    ______ Count aloud to someone from 1 to 120
    ______ Make a list of letters that are consonants
    ______ Find thermometers in your home
    ______ Practice writing your last name 6 times
    ______ Find a story with pictures do a picture walk.
    ______ Have someone listen to you count by 5s. How high can you count?
    ______ Write out all the vowels and rainbow trace in at least 3 different colors

    ______ Write the names of everyone in your family with a capital letter at the beginning

    ______ Make up a story while you are riding in the car with someone
    ______ Count backward from 20 to 1
    ______ Write sentences using each of these sight words: the, that, of, you
    ______ Write as many words as you can think of that rhyme with “play
    ______ Write 2 sentences about today’s weather
    ______ Read a story by yourself and retell the story to a family member
    ______ Take a handful of something from home. Estimate how many are in your hand. How close was your estimate?
    ______ Help someone at home write a grocery list