Anytime January Home-Practice Activities

    ______ Write and send a thank you letter
    ______ Learn to tie your shoes if you don’t know how
    ______ Skip count by 5s to 120 for a grownup
    ______ Write about what you did on New Year’s Eve
    ______ Snowball is a compound word. Write other compound words, for example, ladybug, butterfly, and so on

    ______ Take the numbers in your house address. Now put them in order from smallest to largest


    ______ Read a story with someone at home. Tell him/her how you are like one of the characters.

    ______ Choose a number and then take it apart, for example, 8 is the same as 4 +4, 6+2, 3+5, and so on

    ______ Write about your favorite winter break memory
    ______ Read two pages in a book to someone with great expression!
    ______ Practice double facts by asking someone to hold up their fingers (1-10) and you tell what that number is doubled (1+1, 2+2, etc.)
    ______ Practice measuring flat objects at home with paper clips or another small object

    ______ Have someone at home write three reasons why they are proud of you