Rec & Ed Softball Leagues

  • To help managers figure out which Softball league to sign up for, here is some information about the level and format of each of our leagues:


    • COMP (formerly known as federal/municipal) is an advanced level of play for experienced teams and players. Many teams have played together for years.
    • MINOR (formerly known as community/city) constitute the middle level of competition, and includes many teams with experienced players of all ages.  
    • REC (formerly known as county) is the easiest, entry-level play. Teams may be a mix of experienced and inexperienced players, or the team may be new to playing organized league softball.


    • DOUBLEHEADER LEAGUES: Comp, Minor and Rec (formerly known as Federal, City, and County) leagues. These leagues play 20-game seasons. 
    • SINGLEHEADER LEAGUES: Comp, Minor, and Rec (formerly known as Municipal, Community, and Recreation) leagues play 10-game seasons.


    • COMP (Thursdays) is the highest level, with teams of very experienced and athletic softball players. 
    • REC (Tuesdays) is the easiest, entry-level play. Teams may be a mix of experienced and less experienced players, or the whole team may be new to organized softball.

    WOMEN'S LEAGUE FORMATS: All women's teams play Singleheaders / 10 game seasons.

    Don't have a full team?  If your team needs a few more players or if you are an individual looking to join a team, contact the League Director and ask about the "Free Agent" List!  You can reach the league director, Eliana, at