February 7, 2017 PTO Meeting

  • Motion to approve last meeting’s minutes made by Amy Sonntag, seconded by Brandy C. Merritt, and approved with no abstentions or objections.

    NAAPID budget was reduced last year, but there is some confusion over whether that was a data-entry error or if $500.00 was meant to be the new budget. This year’s event is expected to feature a step team and gift basket raffle. Maisha Ostergren was recognized for her work the past several years. Teachers allow parents into the classrooms who normally are at work and don’t get to see what their children are doing.

    Motion to increase the budget for NAAPID to $1000.00 made by Brandy C. Merritt and seconded by Corentin Cras Meneur. Motion passes with no objections or abstentions..

    The Talent Show dress rehearsals were Friday and we’re looking forward to a great show.

    The Science Fair went well and even included K-2 involvement this year. Hopefully more young children will participate in the future. Spreading the displays out helped with crowding. Templates should be in place by next year for future events.

    Anyone wishing to send a get-well card to Ms. Lauerman or a sympathy card for Ms. Lee or Ms. Stewart can drop them off in the office.

    Ms. York was able to get a discount on the December approved white board and stand. They are now $3500.00 total.

    The MLK shoe drive went extraordinarily well. Thanks to the community service team and parents.

    Science Olympiad has been filling up nicely. There are still spots open for 5th and 2nd grade teams.

    There is currently no PTO Council representative from Thurston. This is where all local PTO’s talk about issues and brainstorm. There will be a signupgenius going out for people to attend a PTOC meeting and report back to the Thurston PTO.

    Academic Games will be sending two students to State competition. Student council gave some support, but it is currently very expensive and the organizers are looking for fundraising opportunities. One suggestion was a restaurant night.

    Corentin Cras Meneur made a motion to give $25 each to the two student participants. Motion was seconded by Miriam Faied   Motion passes with no objections or abstentions.

    Next Tuesday, 2/14 is the next Pizza Night fundraiser with Little Caesars.

    Boxtops will be collected on March 1st for this year. Any Boxtops submitted after then will go toward next year.

    We are going to need a lot of parents to run next year’s Fun Run. The company will no longer provide on-site service. If we lost the on-line donation aspect, it could cost us over $18,000.00

    The PTO President, Vice President, Secretary, and Webmaster positions will be open for next year. Please attend an upcoming meeting if you are interested in a position or know of someone who may be interested.

    Bagel Friday’s collaboration with Walk to School day is going well.

    Disability Awareness Workshop is looking for a Fourth grade helper. Look for a message from the room parents.

    Thurston may look to put up some welcoming signs around the building. One example given was the entry sign at Pittsfield.