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March 7, 2017 PTO Meeting

  • Motion to approve last month’s minutes made by Orianna Barnett, seconded by Kelly Delp. Motion was approved with no objections.

    No Issues reported from Teachers

    Principal Report: March is Reading Month and the calendar has items for every day. Students will get a prize if they complete at least 15 days. Ms. B. had the Black History Month Contest. Emma Delp was the winner of the Melody American Girl Doll, and Ashton Brand won the Lunch with Ms. York and “design your own tennis shoes” prize. Look forward to a future “book scavenger hunt” throughout the school. Parents have let us know they appreciate these events happening during the school “dead period.”

    NAAPID: Classrooms that won the NAAPID gift baskets were very excited and sent thank-you notes to the office and organizers.

    Disability Awareness Week: We received an invoice for $525.00 for the 4th grade program where we only paid $100.00 (plus the cost of lunch) in the past. We are having trouble getting the required volunteers and budget reconciliation for this. We also have conflicts with the play and other scheduled events. We may not be able to do the workshop this year. It was mentioned that Thurston’s Social Worker Mr. McClure has started speaking to classes about disabilities and differences this year. This was received positively by students and parents.

    Budget: We will be discussing next year’s budget and looking at bussing invoices and charges from this year in our planning. We expect the PTO Thrift Shop to decrease their support next year due to lagging sales. The Thurston Players will also be lowering their contribution this year due to unexpected expenses.

    Fundraising: The Get Moving Crew are not coming to schools any more and have high fees for just using their website for the Fun Run. We are looking into less expensive options for Web Giving. Kelly Delp recommended we have a fundraising committee where passive and active fundraising chairs meet. We currently have Box Tops, Fun Run, Scrip Cards, Store Shopping Rewards, Pizza Nights, Movie Nights, Bagel Friday, Used Book Sale, Kiwanis Run, Pizza Kits and donations as PTO fundraisers.

    PTO is currently covering all costs for field trips. We may not be able to continue this with the lower support from the PTO Thrift Shop toward bussing.

    There was a discussion of whether parents realize where PTO funds go. One suggestion was putting the things that PTO funds on the screen or posting on the wall. Any group using PTO funds is encouraged to take a picture and send it to Yvonne and to the newsletter.

    We have several events right together at the beginning of the year. It was asked if we can spread them out a bit. Future fundraising suggestions were a Formal Gala with Silent Auction, a Parent/Child Dance, Parent’s Night Out childcare, or an auction room at International Night or other busy events. An additional kids’ art auction for each class was also suggested as well as Newsletter sponsorship.

    Kiwanis will be attending the next PTO meeting to discuss the distribution of money from the Fall run.

    Movie Nights: We have upcoming Movie Nights scheduled for March 31st and April 14th.

    Thurston Nature Center: Frank will be asking the teachers what they would like to do for Earth Week April 17th-21st. This will be followed by TNC Work Days on the 22nd and 23rd. A new trail will soon be dedicated to two long-time supporters and caretakers of the TNC.

    Accounting Update: Current Checking: $42,242.10  Current Savings: $13,157.64