• Course Pacing Policy
    Each online course has a specific, defined time frame for each term including dates for mid-term exams and finals.  Students are required to complete the course within the defined term; this includes adhering to the dates posted each term for the taking of mid-terms and finals, as well as district common assessments, if required.  Students can determine their own time to work on class assignments each week, they need to complete the prescribed coursework for each week as laid out in the pacing chart.  If a student becomes ill or has an extended absence, the instructor will need to be contacted immediately.  The instructor can assist the student by creating a new pacing chart if necessary to help the student catch up with work.   If at the end of the term, the student needs up to a two week extension, s/he should contact the instructor one week before the end of the term.  To receive permission for an extension, the student must meet the requirements as laid out in our policy (see Extension Policy Procedures).  Extensions will not be granted to students who procrastinate and are not consistently working in the course and/or students who do not take their proctored tests in a timely fashion, as listed on the class/term calendar.  Students are not allowed to complete an online course at a pace faster than the established and published term.  The parent/guardian and student should work with the instructor to ensure that the student is properly paced.  The only exception to the time frame laid out in the pacing policy is for students enrolled in grades 5-8 who participate in the online accelerated math competency-based mastery program.  These students are held to the math acceleration guidelines.
    updated August 2016