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June 6th 2017 PTO Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve meeting minutes made by Alisa Cox and seconded Orianna Barnett. Motion passes with no objections.

    Thank you to Julie Koehn for her work as President. Good luck at Clague next year.

    Fundraising: We can use the Get Moving Crew website/email communications for a flat $500.00 per year fee and run the event with the help of Mr. Fisher (sound system) and parent volunteers. Kelly will check if “year” is calendar year or school year.

    Back to school night with Pizza and Sno-cones was suggested. Amy will investigate a special deal offered by Cottage Inn and Kelly will look at Little Caesars.

    Thurston has had several successful movie nights. We could have even more (maybe 3) next year.

    We will have pizza kits, scrip cards, and store fundraising next year. We plan to continue Pizza Nights, but are negotiating how the deal will work.

    We will get access to a PTO google drive

    During Curriculum Night 9/12, committee members should be present to talk about their groups.

    Fall Festival is thinking about opening food at 5:00 and events at 6:00 next year. They will most likely use Little Caesars again.

    There was discussion about having each classroom make a basket for auction

    PTO elections will be on-line only in the future.

    Motion to move $200.00 from special area grants for Field Day made by Brandy Merritt, seconded by Allison Jeter. Motion passes with no objections.

    Motion to move $1046.00 from Special Area Grants for new microphones made by Teresa Hatcher, seconded by Amy Sonntag. Motion passes with no objections

    Motion for $754.00 from Special Area Grants for clay and materials for art made by Amy Sonntag and seconded by Brandy Merritt. Motion passes with no objections.

    The following are tentative dates for several of next year’s important events

    8/21 Stuffing of Welcome Back Packets 10:00-12:00

    8/30   Welcome event and packet handout

    9/5 First Day of School

    9/12 Curriculum Night

    9/15 Picture Day

    9/19 PTO Meeting

    9/23 Thurston Nature Center Work Day

    9/24 Kiwanis 5K Run

    10/4 National Walk to School Day

    10/10 Little Caesars Pizza Night

    10/13 Fun Run

    10/17 PTO Meeting

    10/24 Picture Retake Day

    10/27 Fall Festival (6:00-7:30) and Halloween Costume Drop-off

    11/1-11/3 Hearing/Vision Screening

    11/10 Community Service Club Candy Drive

    11/17 Walk to School Day and Movie Night

    11/21 Turkey Trot and PTO Meeting

    11/22-11/24 No School

    12/12 Pizza Night

    12/15 Walk to School Day

    12/19 PTO Meeting

    12/21 Possible All School Event (decision pending)

    1/9 Pizza Night

    1/15 No School

    1/16 PTO Meeting

    1/19 Walk to School Day and Movie Night

    1/25 Science Fair (7:30)

    2/12 NAAPID

    2/16 Walk to School Day and Talent Show

    2/20 PTO Meeting

    3/13 Pizza Night

    3/16 Walk to School Day

    3/20 PTO Meeting

    3/22-3/24 Thurston Play

    4/2-4/6 Spring Break

    4/10 Pizza Night

    4/13 Movie Night

    4/17 PTO Meeting

    4/20 Walk to School Day

    4/21 Fall Work Day

    4/23 Earth Week Activities begin

    5/4 International Night (5:30)

    5/8 Pizza Night

    5/15 PTO Meeting

    5/18 Walk to School Day and Bike Rodeo

    5/25 Field Day

    6/5 PTO Meeting

    6/8 Walk to School Day, Used Book Sale, and Sno-Cone Social


    Meeting adjourned