• Dicken families,
    Here are this week's updates from Principal Madison and the PTO. In this issue:

    • Principal Madison’s notes
    • Important dates
    • Pumpkin Patch
    • Community Night Out
    • PTO Thrift Shop

    -Vanessa Revelli
    PTO communications chair

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    Principal Madison’s Notes

    Dicken Dash: Pledges were due last Friday. Thank you for supporting the Dash with your donations and pledges. Of course, we will take pledges on Monday if you forgot to turn in yours last week. We will find out how well we did this year at the Dicken Dash closing ceremony on Friday afternoon. I still can’t believe our kids ran 311 miles over 3 hours around the playground!

    Dicken Intervention Team: I am pleased to announced that Dicken has been given three amazing ladies to support our students that aren’t quite at grade level. Ms. Jennifer Hasty, Title 1 teacher, works with all grades in Math & Reading. Ms. Lauren York, Building Literacy Expert,  focusses on Grades 1 & 2 specifically in Reading Literacy skills. And Ms. Suzanne Vu, ELL teacher, works with all grades helping our non-English speaking students with literacy and language acquisition. They also support all of staff in our building.

    Behavior Expectations: I would like to remind parents about our new Leadership Rules/Behavior Expectations and Card System. When a student violates a rule, they get a “yellow” card (warning) about their behavior. If inappropriate behavior occurs again, they receive a “red” card and have to fill out a reflection form called “SEE, DO, GET”.  Our goal is to help students learn and grow from their mistake, not just punish them. We will use card system building wide, in classrooms, assemblies, lunchroom and playground.

    Leadership Rules:
    1. Behave safely at all times.
    2. Keep your body to yourself.
    3. Respect all students, adults, teachers at all times.
    4. Appropriate school language only.
    5. Use play structure and equipment properly.
    6. Be kind and include others at all times.

    Early Release Day: Please mark your calendars and plan ahead. On Wednesday, October 24th, school will end at 1:29 pm so that Staff may engage in District PD initiatives. Thanks for your flexibility and allowing our staff to learn together during the school day.

    Halloween: Costumes, Pumpkin Patch, Parade & Celebrations:
    We celebrate Halloween in multiple ways at Dicken, but none of the activities are mandatory. If your family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, we will find alternative activities for your child, just let your child’s teacher know. Our Pumpkin Patch is scheduled for Friday October 26th, 6-8 pm. Students may wear costumes. Please remember that no blood, gore or weapon replicas are allowed to be part of costumes worn to school. Then on Wednesday, October 31st, we will have our annual Halloween parade around the neighborhood starting at 1:30 pm. Students should bring costumes to school and change into them after lunch. Once the parade is over, classes are welcomed to have celebrations in their rooms using arts & crafts, games, fruit & vegetables, etc. Finally, please do not allow your child to bring Halloween candy collected Halloween evening to school the next day to share with friends. All candy should be left at home. We encourage a healthy eating lifestyle at Dicken School.

    Parent Teacher Conferences: Our goal is that every parent schedule and sit down with their child’s teacher for a Fall conference. Please contact your child’s teacher to schedule your conference. Most conferences are scheduled for November 5th & 13th 4-7 pm.

    Weather Changes: Please remember to check the weather daily and dress your child appropriately. A light sweatshirt, fleece or sweater in the fall will assure your child stays warm inside & outside.

    Habit 5 — Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
    Listen Before You Talk: 
    I listen to other people’s ideas and feelings. 
    I try to see things from their viewpoints. 
    I listen to others without interrupting. 
    I am confident in voicing my ideas.
    I look people in the eyes when talking.

    The complete version of Principal Madison’s Parent Letter is available here:

    Important Dates:

    This Week, October 15th- October 19th

    Monday Oct 15th
    National Pride Day, Hane’s Class says the Pledge
    Dicken Dash Pledges collected all week
    PLTW all week 1st & 2nd Graders
    Safe Routes to School Planning Mtg, 1:30pm
    Nature’s Recyclers Orientation, Miller, 2:30 pm
    Nature’s Recyclers Orientation, Brann, 3:00 pm

    Tuesday Oct 16th 
    Community Night Out, Chipotle Mexican Grill, 4-8 pm

    Wednesday Oct 17th
    Fire Drill #3

    Thursday, Oct 18th
    Gargaro to Garden, 12:55 pm
    Lypka to Garden, 1:30 pm

    Friday, Oct 19th
    School Pride Day, Wear your School Colors!
    Harris to Garden, 11:00 am
    Recess Gardeners, 4th / 5th, 12:18 pm
    Recess Gardeners 3rd 12:42 pm
    Dicken Dash Closing Ceremony, 1:30 pm

    Next Week, October 22nd - October 26th

    Monday Oct 22nd
    National Pride Day, Rossi’s Class says the Pledge
    PLTW all week 1st & 2nd Graders
    4th Grade Nature’s Recyclers Field Trip, 9:30 – 2:00 pm
    Hane Hinsly Orthodontics Field Trip, 11:20 – 1:10 pm
    Rossi Hinsly Orthodontics Field Trip, 12:20 – 2:00 pm

    Wednesday Oct 24th
    Early Release Day, School Ends at 1:29pm
    Posey’s class to Westgate AADL, 9:30 – 11:00 am
    Y5’s Kerry Town Farmer’s Market Field Trip, 9:45 – 11:30 am

    Friday, Oct 26th 
    School Pride Day, Wear your School Colors!
     Brogno to Garden, 10:30 am
     Hane to Garden, 11:00 am
     Recess Gardeners, 1st / 2nd, 11:30 am
     Recess Gardeners Y5’s / Kdg 11:54 am
     Bahr to Garden, 12:30 pm
     Hubbard to Garden, 1:00 pm
     PTO Pumpkin Patch, 6-8 pm

    Notes from Our PTO

    Pumpkin Patch
    Our PUMPKIN PATCH Halloween party will be Friday Oct. 26th from 6-8. Please see the sign up genius as we need many volunteers to make this a great night for our kids! Come in costume, eat dinner from Cottage Inn Pizza, play games and dance the night away!

    CAKE CONTEST- Bake a fun Halloween ghost or goblin cake or cupcakes! Whatever you would like to create you could WIN our cake contest! These cakes will continue on as prizes to all the cake walk winners! If baking is not for you, Please feel free to buy a cake to donate-Only homemade cakes will be in the contest! Details to follow. 

    The Dash Fundraiser will allow us to continue to do great things here at Dicken! Thanks to everyone for your generous donations!!

    Community Night Out
    Pick up dinner and raise money for Dicken! Chipotle at Briarwood Mall will be donating 25% of proceeds to the Dicken PTO for purchases made on Tuesday, October 16th from 4:00 – 8:00 PM, you will need to show a paper or electronic version of the enclosed flyer to support Dicken Elementary School Fundraiser. So plan to pick up some tacos, chips and guacamole (YUM!!!) and support your Dicken Dolphins. Be sure to tell family, friends and neighbors too!

    School spirit tastes great!
    Chipotle Dicken Fundraiser Oct 2018.pdf 

    PTO Thrift Store
    Supporting the PTO thrift shop saves you money, and earns money for our schools! Attached is the current thrift store promotion.
    Aug-Nov 2018 Promo Art.pdf 

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