• Dicken families,
    Here are this week's updates from Principal Madison and the PTO. In this issue:

    • Principal Madison’s notes
    • Important dates
    • Well wishes for Principal Madison
    • Community night out – Blaze pizza
    • Kindness rocks project
    • Dicken community garden
    • Community of cultures potluck
    • Ice cream social help needed
    • Literacy night

    -Vanessa Revelli
    PTO communications chair

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    Principal Madison’s Notes

    “Inspiring & Growing Leaders”:

    Interim Principals: Several parents have requested information on the administrators that will be assisting Dicken Lead Teachers Wanda Brann & Rob Maier in my absence.

    Joan Fitzgibbon (Monday-Wednesdays) has worked in the Ann Arbor Public Schools as a long time teacher and Administrator for over 25 years. She was the Principal for 11 years at Allen Elementary School and then was selected to open A2 STEAM at Northside where she served as Principal for three years. She looks forward to supporting Dicken school in my absence.

    Shelley Bruder (Thursdays) has been an elementary principal for over 25 years. She worked at Bach Elementary School, where she was principal for 12 years.  After retiring, Shelley was co-principal of Logan Elementary School for the school year 2015-2016 and Bryant Elementary School in the fall semester of this school year.  Shelley also worked at Dicken School for the week I was out when my daughter got married last February. She is looking forward to returning to Dicken and working with the Dicken staff and families.

    Pasta for Pennies Fundraiser: “Pasta for Pennies” which was a three-week spare change drive that helps kids & adults fight against blood cancer & Lymphoma, concluded last week.  Thank you to the Leader in Me Student Light House team, under the supervision of Stephanie Harris & Jennifer Hasty, for organizing this drive. Results will be announced on Monday. Thanks to all of the Dicken students who donated towards this cause.

    PTO Sponsored Drum Line Assembly: The votes have been tallied and the students have agreed that last week’s PTO sponsored Assembly was the best ever! Not only was the message on Respect, Inclusion and Kindness clear, they also worked out 7 Habits into their presentation. The music rocked the house and students closed the assembly by standing, dancing and singing to the song “Firework” with strobe lights and LED drumsticks banging on the drums. It was a sight to see and remember for a long time!

    MSTEP: “Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress” began last week for our 5th graders and will continue this week for them. Then our 3rd & 4th graders start their MSTEP assessment in May. Please make sure to support your child by giving them a good night sleep, breakfast each day and attending school daily.

    PTO Sponsored “Community Night Out” Event: Please mark your calendar and grab some food Wednesday at “Blaze Pizza” on Eisenhower Pkwy between 4 & 7:30 pm. Not only is their pizza great for kids, a portion of the money spent that evening goes to Dicken School!

    Take Your Child to Work Day: If you are planning on taking your child to work this Thursday, please call the office, in advance, to excuse your child. It’s an annual event allowing kids to see what their parents do & where they work. All schoolwork will excused.

    Clothing: Please remember to check the weather each morning and make sure your child has the proper outwear on to be able to go outside for recess daily. Also it won’t hurt to have a spare set on hand for sometimes our kids gravitate to the water and muddy spots of the playground even though we say stay away. Our rule is “if you get wet, you stay wet” unless you have a change of clothes handy.

    WESO; Thank you to all of the parents who have been coaching our WESO students after school. Thanks to all of the Dicken students who have participated up to this point this year. And Thanks to Nick Hutchinson, WESO Director, for all of the work he does to lead the Dicken WESO Team. The WESO competition rosters will be released this week and not all students made the final team. Please remember, we believe that any and all students should be allowed to practice in WESO’s events. Its builds teamwork, intensifies science & collaboration skills and helps students make new acquaintances. But we can only take so many students to the competition on May 12th, so some students may be feeling left out. Please support them for they are still part of the team!

    Community of Cultures Potluck/Concert: As we wrap up April, please join us next Monday evening, April 30th at 6:00pm for ourCommunity of Cultures Potluck! We encourage all families to bring a cultural or traditional dish to pass & share with others so that we can sample & celebrate foods from different cultures. Then a 7:00 pm we will have a performance by a local Filipino Band to spice up the evening. Please join us if you can.

    Habit 1 — Be Proactive
    You're in Charge: I am a responsible person.
    I take initiative.
    I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods.
    I do not blame others for my wrong actions.
    I do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking.

    The complete version of Principal Madison’s Newsletter is available here:

    The MSTEP schedule is available here:
    2018 MSTEP Schedule.pdf 

    Important Dates:
    Monday, Apr 23rd                                                     
    National Pride Day Thomas’s Kindergarten says the Pledge
    Ms. Joan Fitzgibbon, Interim Principal starts

    Tuesday, Apr 24th                           
    5th Grade ELA MSTEP
    9:15-11:30am Kdg Trip to Health Exploration Center
    4:00-5:30pm  Girls on the Run     

    Wednesday, Apr 25th                                 
    5th Grade Social Studies MSTEP
    9:00-5:30pm  LIM Brooke Judd “Coaching Day”
    4:00-7:30pm  PTO “Community Night” at Blaze Pizza

    Thursday, Apr 26th                                     
    Ms. Shelley Bruder, Interim Principal starts
    “Take your Daughter to Work Day”
    11:54-12:18pm Student LIM Light House Team Mtg Y5-2
    12:18-12:42pm Student LIM Light House Team Mtg, 3-5
    4:00-5:30pm Girls on the Run      

    Friday, Apr 27th
    School Pride Day Wear your Favorite School/Sports T-shirts/Jerseys

    Next Week - April 30th - May 4th
    Monday, Apr 30th                                                                                                                                                      
    Ms. Joan Fitzgibbon, Interim Principal
    National Pride Day Brann’s 5th Grade class says the Pledge
    6:00-8:00pm “Community of Cultures” Potluck. MPR
    7:00-7:30pm Filipino Band Performance for Potluck, MPR

    Tuesday, May 1st                                        
    Grade ELA (Hane) & Math (Rossi) MSTEP
    4:00-5:30pm  Girls on the Run

    Wednesday, May 2nd                                  
    4th Grade ELA MSTEP
    3rd Grade ELA (Rossi) MSTEP
    9:30-11:30am 1st Grade to Wild Swan Theater
    11:45-2:45pm 5th Grade Transition to Slauson

    Thursday, May 3rd                          
    Ms. Shelley Bruder, Interim Principal
    4:00-5:30pm  Girls on the Run
    7:00-7:30pm  Dicken PTO Mtg, Media Center

    Friday, May 4th
    School Pride Day Wear your Favorite School/Sports T-shirts/Jerseys
    9:30-10:30am LSNC “Nature’s Recycler’s”, Klein’s room
    10:40-11:40am LSNC “Nature’s Recycler’s”, Chartier’s room

    Notes from Our PTO
    We all wish Mr. Madison a speedy recovery, but while he's away, let's use our 7 Habits to help show Dicken's temporary principals that we are leaders! For example:

    • Habit #1 Be Proactive - If the principal looks lost, show them how to get where they are going before they ask.
    • Habit #5 Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood - Be sure to listen to the principals, they may do things differently than Mr. Madison.
    • Habit #6 Synergize - If everyone works together to get along, our principals feel more welcome & be impressed by the quality of students we have at Dicken.


    Community Night Out!
    Blaze Pizza on Eisenhower (across from Whole Foods) will be donating 20% of sales to the Dicken PTO for purchases on Wednesday, April 25th  4 – 7:30 PM!!!

    You must present the paper or digital flyer at time of purchase to ensure proceeds go to Dicken. Please be sure to pass along to your family, friends and neighbors too! 

    School spirit tastes great! 
    For questions please contact Anna Lavery (alavery@metlife.com)

    Please download the flyer here:
    FUNDRAISING FLYER Dicken Blaze Pizza.pdf 

    Kindness Rocks Project

    Who: All Dicken Students
    What: Please bring large rocks (at least the size of the palm of an adult’s hand, but still so a child can carry it) for a special Leader in Me school-wide "Kindness Rocks!" project to be displayed all around the school grounds
    When: As soon as possible
    Where: Please bring your rock to add to the Art Room. There will be boxes outside of the Art Room.
    Action required: Please bring large rocks ASAP so students can begin working on this "Kindness Rocks!" project for the school!

    Attached is more information about this project:
    Rock Art Project.pdf 

    Dicken Community Garden
    Recess gardeners need your help! Kids love to come work in the school garden during lunch recess, and we cannot continue to offer that activity without more help. If you are able to join us on one Friday or many from 11:45 to 12:45 please sign up our email Jenifer Miller at dickengarden@gmail.com. Absolutely no gardening experience necessary!

    Dicken Community Of Cultures Potluck
    Samosas from India, kimchi from Korea, baklava from the Middle East, pirogies from Poland, sushi from japan, lumpia from the Philippines, empanadas from Mexico, rum cake from the Caribbean and much more. 

    Our school is a beautiful mix of families with roots reaching from all over the world and there’s no better way to get to know each other better than sharing a meal. 

    Please join us for potluck dinner and bring your family's favorite dish to share. 

    WHAT? Dicken Community Of Cultures Potluck. 
    WHO? All Dicken Families.
    WHEN?  April 30th6pm to 8pm. 
    WHERE? Dicken multi-purpose hall. 

    Please avoid the use of peanut products in your food and bring a list of ingredients or a recipe, in order to protect those amongst us who have allergies.

    To help us with set up and clean up please follow this link. 


    One more thing, during dinner, we will be enjoying music from a very special Filipino band and showing YouTube videos of music from different parts of the world. Please send a link to your favorite video to laiteodetola@gmail.com. Feel free to send in your questions too. Thank you. 

    The ICS will take place on May 31st from 6-8pm.

    The AAPS decided last year that schools will no longer be able to use inflatables. However, I would like to have an obstacle course at the Ice Cream Social.

    This is where you come in:) What I need is a small group of volunteers who are willing to design, gather materials, & set-up and take-down this part of the Ice Cream Social. My ideal would be a Ninja Warrior-esque type obstacle course, BUT safe & fun for all elementary school ages.

    If you are interested, please contact me asap & we can discuss budget & timeframe.

    Thanks in advance,

    amy.ea.drummond@gmail.com or text me at 734-255-7466


    If you've been to an Ice Cream Social in the past, you know that fun music for the kids to dance to have always been a part of it. Both of our regular parent DJs are unavailable this year. We are looking for someone new to drop some dope beatz on us all (Sorry! Had to do it!)

    If you are a DJ or know of someone who is, please contact me. All DJs must provide their own equipment.


    amy.ea.drummond@gmail.com or text me at 734-255-7466

    Literacy Night
    Literacy night is this Tuesday at Carpenter. Please see the attached for more information:

PTO Blast: English

PTO Blast Spanish