5th Grade Curriculum

  •      I closely follow the Ann Arbor Public Schools curriculum. 

         The language arts block consists of reading, writing, and word study.  

         I use the Everyday Mathematics program to teach math. 

        The 5th grade science units are called Go with the Flow (Earth’s systems), Ch-Ch-Ch Changes (the structure and properties of matter, To Infinity and Beyond (stars and the solar system), and Round and Round it Goes (the cycling of matter and the flow of energy). I will co-teach the Project Lead the Way units, Robotics: Environmental Change and Robotics: Real-World Design Problem. 

         I will teach U.S. history through the American Revolution and the forming of our nation. 

         The health units come from a program called Michigan Model. 

         After spending the first week of school building our classroom community, the next 2-3 weeks of school will be spent testing students to find their individual levels so that I may best teach them in accordance with their abilities.