5th Grade Curriculum

  •      I closely follow the Ann Arbor Public Schools curriculum.
         The language arts block consists of reading, writing, and word study and will take 2 ½ hours every day.  The reading program comes from Fauntas and Pinnell.  The writing program comes from Lucy Calkins.  The word study program comes from Word Generation. 

         I will be using the Everyday Mathematics program to teach math. 

         Either science, social studies, or health will be taught each day.  The science units that I will teach are called Human Body in Motion and Ch-Ch-Ch Changes (matter).  I will coteach a science program called Project Lead the Way.  The PLTW units are called Robotics and Automation: Challenge and Robotics and Automation:  Environmental Cleaning.  The social studies units that I will teach come from a program called Early Integrated American History.  The health units come from a program called Michigan Model. 

         I will spend time the first 2-3 weeks of school testing students to find their individual levels so that I may best teach to their abilities.