Behavior Expectations

  •      I believe that school is a safe environment to learn and grow both academically and socially. I expect students to behave in ways that allow for this learning and growth and firmly believe that all students can do this.

         At King we use a program called Responsive Classrooms, which includes Morning Meetings and Closing Circles to help build community. It also includes 3 choices for students who are not following expectations-Take a Break (remove from situation until ready to return), Break It, Fix It (making reparations), and Logical Consequences (consequences based on what makes sense). All choices help students move past situations in a positive way and are determined by the teacher, the student, or both, depending on the situation.

         We also have furniture that encourages flexible seating and movement! 

         We will spend the first few weeks of school getting to know each other and creating a positive learning community. Students will be given the task of developing a mission statement along with specific rules and responsibilities for themselves and the class. They will design the classroom including the furniture, schedules, supplies, and bulletin boards.  

         Students will set goals weekly and monitor and adjust these goals as they grow.