Homework Expectations

  •          Homework will consist mainly of unfinished school work. Your child will write down their assignments in their planner and will be responsible for bringing home any unfinished work to be completed and returned the next day.  

             Your child is expected to read for at least 20 minutes each school day. If your child does not have access to books at home, they are more than welcome to bring home books from my classroom library. I have an extensive collection! Please help them remember to return books that they have finished reading so that they are available for other students. Below is a link to some questions that you can ask your child while they are reading. You can do this while you are doing something separate. You do not need to be reading with your child.

     Comprehension Questions

              Everyday Math Home Links and Family Letters will be sent home in a packet at the beginning of each math unit. Your child should work on the assignments at home and correct them using the answer key in the Family Letter. They do not need to be returned to school. If you notice your child struggling with any of the homework, please let me know.