Absence Policy

  •      If your child misses school I will work on catching them up on what is absolutely necessary when they return. I will need to give them the instruction that goes with the assignments before they complete them, so I cannot send them home.  

         If you are planning an extended vacation, please know that I will not be able to catch up your child on all of the material that they missed when they return. It is just not possible for me to cover all that they missed and continue to teach the current lessons. I do not send work for students to complete while gone (again, I do not expect them to do the assignments without instruction). If you would like to have your child do schoolwork related activities while you are gone, here are some ideas:

    1. Read, read, and then read more! Your child could also write you reading response letters, which you could respond to and work on Lexia.

    2. Write a journal.
    3. View and work on the current math lesson on McGraw-Hill. Practice math facts by playing math games or practice math concepts on Khan Academy.