• Eligibility Requirements for Athletic Participation

    All athletes must be passing 5 classes with 2.0 includes all kids even those at ECA, WIHI, Dual enrollment at WCC/EMU/UM/Other or Community. Athletes at these schools must provide their grades to the athletic department upon request.

    You must live in the Huron High School District.  The student athlete must also be living with the parent or guardian with whom he/she was living the previous year.

    All students must be registered in at least six classes. Class must assign a grade or pass/fail.

    Academics-Entry Eligibility
    Meet the following academic standards to BEGIN the sport:

    :  immediately eligible their first semester
    Sophomores, juniors, and seniors:  must have 5 passing grades with a 2.0 grade point average from all classes taken during the spring semester from the previous school year (grade point average can be improved by summer school classes)

    Fall Eligibility Flow Chart

    :  immediately eligible their first semester
    Sophomores, juniors, and seniors:  must have 5 passing grades with a 2.0 grade point average from all classes taken during the spring semester from the previous school year (grade point average can be improved by summer school classes or the first nine-week report card of the fall semester)

    Winter Eligibility Flow Chart

    All students
    :  must have 5 passing grades with a 2.0 grade point average from all classes taken during the first semester of the current school year (grade point average can be improved by the first nine-week grades of the second semester)

    Spring Eligibility Flow Chart

    *There is a delay of at least a week to check eligibility at the end of each nine weeks.

    Meet the following academic standards to CONTINUE in the sport:To remain eligible until the end of the season a student must maintain at least 5 passing grades (D- or better) with a 2.0 grade point average when grades are checked at the nine-week marking periods.  At each checkpoint the GPA will be calculated from the start of the semester.

    A student who DOES NOT meet the continuing requirement at the checkpoints will be ineligible for at least one full week, from the following Monday-through-Sunday period after the check.  They student-athlete then must take an Athletic Office Eligibility Travel Card to each teacher and return the card to the Eligibility Coordinator by Wednesday of that week.  If a re-entry check, made during the week that the athlete is ineligible, shows that he/she is again meeting the minimum standard above, the athlete will regain eligibility on the following Monday.  There is always a one-week delay going out or coming back. The student athlete must have an Athletic Office Eligibility Travel Card filled out before they can be reinstated.

    Students who receive special services should contact their caseload teacher for eligibility deviation.


    • Grades from summer school count towards Fall eligibility.
    • Classes with the same number are counted only once, with the second grade being superior.
    • Classes with different numbers are counted as an additional class.
    • Any student who has an E, or Failure in any class or a GPA below 2.0 should take summer school classes.
    • It is the student and parent's responsibility to calculate the GPA and sign up for summer school.

    How to Calculate Your Grade Point Average (GPA)
    To compute your GPA, add up the number of points you have received and divide it by the number of credits taken.

    All classes at Huron receive .50 credits per class hour each semester.

    Regular Courses   AC/AP/DP Courses
    Grade Points Grade Points
    A/A+ 2.000 A/A+ 2.000
    A- 1.835 A- 2.000
    B+ 1.665 B+ 1.830
    B 1.500 B 1.665
    B- 1.335 B- 1.500
    C+ 1.165 C+ 1.330
    C 1.000 C 1.165
    C- 0.835 C- 1.000
    D+ 0.665 D+ 0.830
    D 0.500 D 0.665
    D- 0.335 D- 0.500
    E 0.000 E 0.000

    Step 1. List each course and the grade earned. Consult the above chart to determine the point value for each grade. Add the total number of credits received.

    Step 2. Divide the total grade points received by the number of credits attempted.  This is your GPA.

    Example Acting 1 A = 2.000
      Geom. AC B = 1.665
      Biology C = 1.000
      Personal Fitness B = 1.500
      Varsity Band A = 2.000
      Wld. History D = 0.500
      English 9 B- = 1.335
    Totals Credits= 3.50 Points = 10.000

    Total Points/Credits=GPA

    These are some of the eligibility requirements.  See the MHSAA manual for complete details.

    1. Incoming freshmen that meet MHSAA residency requirements are immediately eligible the first semester.
    2. Students who are Wards of the Court are immediately eligible.
    3. Students must live in the Huron High School District. New student -athletes must also be living with the parent or guardian with whom the student-athlete was living the previous year.
    4. Students who transfer from another school to Huron must sit out one (1) complete semester of school before they can participate. An educational transfer form must be completed and a copy of previous grades is required, if a student meets one of the exceptions. Students and parents anticipating a change of schools should seek the advice of the MHSAA.
    5. Students cannot accept any award (money, clothing, or merchandise) worth more than $25 as a result of participating in athletics. This includes summer camps.
    6. Students may not accept equipment as an endorsement or to try out for a manufacturer.  Students and their families may not sign contracts with companies to make money regarding athletics or athletic products.  Students may not wear a Huron uniform to advertise any product or be paid for such an advertisement.
    7. A student who is 19 years of age before September 1 is not eligible.
      Foreign exchange students must be a part of an approved program and have the proper visa.
    8. Students must be enrolled in school prior to the fourth Wednesday of first semester or the fourth Wednesday for the start of second semester.  Student cannot be eligible in high school more than eight semesters and seventh and eighth semesters must be consecutive.  Students are allowed four first and four second semesters of competition and cannot compete if they have graduated from high school.  Students must have passed at least four classes the previous semester.
    9. Students must be taking at least 6 classes.
    10. Student athletes must have on file a physical dated after April 15th of the previous school year.  Students may not tryout or practice until the physical, emergency card, and insurance on file.
    11. The use of undue influence by any person directly or indirectly associated with a school to secure or encourage the attendance of a student for athletic purposes, shall cause the student to become ineligible for a minimum of one semester.
    12. After practicing with or participating with high school team, students cannot participate in any athletic competition not sponsored by Huron High School, in the same sport during the same season.  Ice hockey and individual sports may participate in a maximum of two non-school individual meets or contests during the season, but may not represent Huron High School or use Huron uniforms/equipment.  The exceptions apply from the time the student first participates in a contest or scrimmage.
    13. Students cannot compete in any all-star contests or national championships, which MHSAA governs.  Participation in all-star competitions causes the student to be ineligible for at least a year.
    14. Students may not pose in uniform for advertisement and cannot receive compensation for said advertisement. Students may not sign contracts for playing, or receive free equipment from an outside company.  Students become ineligible.
    15. Foreign exchange students cannot participate if he/she has graduated from his/her home country’s high school.

    All teams will follow MHSAA rules.  Questions are referred to MHSAA 517-332-5046.

    NCAA Eligibility

    Any student-athlete planning to enroll in college and participate in Division I or Division II sports must be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. The Eligibility Center will analyze the student-athlete’s academic information and determine if NCAA Initial Eligibility requirements have been met.

    Register on-line: https://web3.ncaa.org/ecwr3/

    Requirements change annually please contact the NCAA at 1-800-638-3731 to discuss NCAA requirements in detail.