Comprehensive Daily High School Schedule Advisory Team

  • The Ann Arbor Public Schools is excited to announce expanded options for high school students who may want to choose a later start time to their school day.  Through the on-going work of the Board of Education's Advisory Team, morning transportation options have been expanded.  For complete details about these options, as well as details about creating a course schedule with a later start time, please contact your high school counselor.
  • Members

    Ann Bezeau, Teacher – Skyline HS
    Dennis Brunzell, Counselor – Skyline HS
    Eve Claar, Athletic Director/AP – Pioneer HS
    Paul DeAngelis, Executive Director for HS
    Marcus Edmondson, Class Principal – Huron HS
    Angela Forte, Parent – Huron HS
    Danny Freiband, Student – Community HS
    HS Claudia Keen, Parent – Pioneer HS
    Cory McElmeel, Principal – Skyline HS
    Jill McKenna, Student – Skyline HS
    Whitney O’Keefe, Teacher, Pathways HS
    Suzanne Perkins, SSL, Parent – Community HS
    Colleen Seifert, SSL, Parent – Community/Pioneer HSs
    Janet Schwamb, Principal – Huron HS
    Marci Tuzinsky, Dean – Community HS

    2018 Monthly Meeting Dates

    Jan 11, 1:00pm
    Feb 5, 9:30am
    April 5, 9:30am
    May – tbd

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  • Belief Statements

    A comprehensive daily HS schedule, one that supports an increase in the quality of the educational experience expected in the Ann Arbor Public Schools, shall be constructed with consideration of the following:

    • We believe that to ensure equity and access we must address barriers we know exist for students and families, such as transportation and cultural biases, and, in addition, provide adequate supports in areas such as self-advocacy, academic intervention, and mental/emotional health.
    • We believe in student-centered education that considers unique student needs, offers choices, and supports a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
    • We believe in the evidence-based findings regarding teen sleep that shows how sleep deprivation negatively impacts students’ health, safety and academic performance, particularly for underperforming students.
    • We believe in a thoughtful and careful planning process that maximizes the positive impact that variations in start times, daily schedules, and school-year calendars can have for all students and stakeholders.