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  • Invitation for Parents

    Good Evening,

    I am excited to share that we will provide a hybrid model for families who choose this option for their children. The Allen Community is invited to attend an information session on Monday, March 1st at 6:00 p.m. for families that would like to learn more about this option.

    The information session will provide families with factual information to inform their decision to participate in the hybrid in-person option or to remain virtual for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.  A survey will be emailed to you for you to make your choice for the hybrid in-person model or fully virtual model with your current Allen teacher.  This survey will come from the district by the end of this week and you will be able to attend our informational session on Monday before you make your decision.  

    The information session will be hosted as a webinar.  The link to join Webinar is as follows:

    I invite you to use the following form found HERE to submit questions before and during the meeting. We will use the questions submitted in this form to plan for our presentation and to answer questions and clarify our hybrid model.

    Leading up to the return to hybrid in-person learning you can expect to hear more from me in the weekly Allen emails.  

    We look forward to coming together as a community in the coming days and weeks.


    Best Regards,

    Laura Wolf 

    Allen Principal

    Weekly Update

    February 22, 2021

    Dear Allen Families,

    In light of the discussion that was held at the board meeting last Wednesday evening, many of us have more questions than answers about what the rest of this school year will look like.  We anticipate learning more at the board of education meeting this Wednesday and will keep you updated as plans unfold.  Please note that no policy or plans were voted on which would currently change the course of our ongoing plans for the addition of the hybrid in-school learning opportunity at this time. I know there are many uncertainties, however, you can be certain that I will be transparent and continue to work to serve and represent our Allen students, staff, and families. Thank you for your continued partnership as you are the heart and soul of our school and we value you. 

    We will cover the following topics in this week’s updates: 

    • Early Dismissal tomorrow 2/22
    • Special area updates for classes this week
    • Spirit day Friday
    • EBT Cards
    • Washtenaw Mental Health Resources
    • AAPS tech support
    • Helpful links on the AAPS site

    Elementary Half-Day Report Writing - February 23

    Tuesday, February 23 is an early release day for all elementary students and a report writing day for teachers. The school day will end at 10:53 AM for students. 

    ART: Week of February 22nd 

    Paper, pencil and choice of art tools to apply color to their work (markers, colored pencils, paint, construction paper for collage, scissors, glue) 

    3-5th grade will benefit from having a ruler handy! 

    *Please note students can always start on a plan during our zoom time together and complete their art during asynchronous time! 

    Physical Education:  Week of February 22nd

    At the beginning of each live class, students are given 3 minutes to collect materials for class.  Below are the items we will use this week for each grade level:

    Y5 - 2nd Grades:  

    *Balloon - blown up (given in art kit)

    3rd & 4th Grades on Monday & Tuesday:

    *1 Racquet or Paddle (i.e. spatula, shoe, dust pan, flip flop, paper plate w/ spoon taped on)

    *1 small ball (i.e. sock ball, crumpled piece of paper)

    *1 bucket or similar object (i.e. laundry basket, box, bowl, hat)

    3rd & 4th Grades on Thursday:

    *1 Racquet or Paddle (i.e. spatula, shoe, dust pan, flip flop, paper plate w/ spoon taped on)

    *6-8 small ball like objects (i.e. crumpled piece of paper, sock ball)

    *1 bucket or similar object (i.e. laundry basket, box, bowl, blanket)

    5th Grade:



    This Friday, February 26 our spirit day is inside out/backwards day!

    EBT Cards

    A new round of EBT Cards will soon be distributed to families for students that qualify for free and reduced priced meals.  The school must have your correct address on file as these are USPS postal mailed by the state to the addresses we have listed for you.  You must also have completed the Free and Reduced-priced Meal application for this school year in order to receive a card.  This link will give you more information.  AAPS Pandemic EBT Instructions   You can contact Michele Barkoot if you need to update your address or contact information.

    Washtenaw Mental Health Resources:

    Please click on the following link for the resource document on where to go for help: Washtenaw Mental Health Resources.

    AAPS Tech Support:

    For questions about devices or a WiFi Hotspot, please email Here’s a Student Mobile Device Hotspot Form; we are also in partnership with Comcast Essentials. Live technical support is available, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the AAPS Parent Help Desk, 734-997-1222. For Spanish, call 734-997-1246.


    Your Principal,

    Laura Wolf


    Allen Parent Council Updates:



    It is truly a privilege and an honor to be returning to the Allen School community.  I am so excited to get to know all of our students and families over the coming days and weeks.  

    To our students, I cannot wait to meet and connect with you!  I hope you are reading this summer and spending time with your families.  I look forward to meeting you online in the near future.  

    To our families, while I know there are so many uncertainties as we return to school virtually during a pandemic, please know we will be steadfast in working alongside you to provide the engaging and robust teaching and learning opportunities you have come to expect from the Ann Arbor Public Schools.    

      Welcome to Allen Elementary
    where we strive to engage, value, and collaborate with
    all students, parents, and community members in the learning process.

    Allen Elementary School is filled with dedicated and professional staff who strive to create the optimal learning environment for students. All students, staff, and parents are valued members of the Allen community.  

    We take pride in... 

    • Providing a research-based curriculum: Everyday Math and Balanced Literacy                            
    • Ongoing professional development of staff: literacy, math and science education, social and emotional development.
    • Our on-site staff who provide specialized knowledge and skills to support children and teachers.
    • The shared commitment between school and home: Parent Council, School Improvement Team, Spring Open House, Country Fair, Book Fairs, Performances, Chaperones, and Room parents.

    Please come to visit us at Allen. We would love to meet you and show you around our school.


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