Specific Support for Students on March 14, National Student Walkout for School Safety

  • On March 14, the AAPS will support students in exercising their first amendment rights regarding the national walkout event. In the AAPS, support will be provided for all students, whether they choose to walk out for the 17 minutes of protest or whether they choose not to do so.

    We have elected to provide this support in developmentally appropriate ways at each level – elementary, middle and high school - and ask that students, parents, and staff specifically watch for communication from their school principal to better understand the specific plan for this day. All students will be required to remain respectful and follow student guidelines for safety including remaining on campus.

    We invite parents who wish for their student(s) to leave school to make arrangements in advance of the day for their own student(s).

    We ask parents to please discuss with your child/children this topic of student protest and activism prior to this day so that students are well prepared in their thinking as they approach this national walkout day. The national campaigns have designated 13 years and above as the age for the walkout activity, and this is in keeping with the approach we will use in the AAPS on this day.