Support for Student Activism at Each School Level: Elementary, Middle School, and High School

  • Elementary Schools

    As is developmentally appropriate, elementary campuses will be participating in school-specific classroom events that celebrate and deepen our core values of caring, welcome, respect for all, kindness, and acceptance. Parents of elementary students who wish for their students to walk out on the national student walkout day will need to come to the school to check their students out to participate as they choose.

    Secondary: Middle and High Schools

    We recognize that our students are actively engaged citizens who are knowledgeable about multiple viewpoints surrounding current events. We have been made aware that there is widespread student support for a student walkout to occur at 10:00 am, on March 14. Student leaders are indicating that the messaging related to this student walkout centers on a call to action on matters of student safety in school.

    We will respect the rights of all students, whether they choose to participate or not. No student will be required to participate in any student-led walkout. Thus, we are working with our student leaders and coordinating supervision and procedures to assure student safety on our campuses. We will ensure a structured environment on our campuses for all students, whether they choose to participate or not.

    The role of our administrators and staff during this time will be to help keep our students safe. Thus, we are coordinating supervision and procedures to ensure an orderly exit of the building, a designated gathering location, and an orderly return to the building. In all cases, students will be supervised, whether they choose to participate or not. We encourage all parents/guardians to speak with their student(s) about the messaging related to the anticipated student walkout, including ways in which students can constructively and safely express their viewpoints.

    We are aware of a potential rally taking place in Ypsilanti during this time, as well. We want to be clear that our students are expected to be in school and to remain on school grounds. Students may only be excused from our campuses with parental permission in advance of this event. Our work with our student leaders is focused on activities on our campuses. With advisement from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department, we are discouraging our students from gathering at any sites off of our campuses.

    Preschool and K-8 Schools

    Our Preschool and K-8 campuses will work closely with their respective parent communities and will share their specific plans for this national walkout day; we invite parents of Preschool and K-8 students to see communication from their principal as to the plan for March 14.