Academic Programs for International Students (F-1 visa)

  • International student orientation 2019F-1 Visa Program Suspended

    for the 2021-2022 AND 2022-2023 school years


    Archived Information

    AAPS is certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to issue Form I-20 to prospective international students to attend one of the district’s three comprehensive high schools (Huron, Pioneer, and Skyline) on an F-1 academic program visa.

    There are two ways to apply as an F1 student to study in Ann Arbor Public Schools:

    1. Direct: Students may apply directly to AAPS and live with a close family friend or relative in Ann Arbor. Please contact AAPS for an F1 application. 
    2. Exchange Program: Apply through an AAPS approved exchange partner organization. Please refer to the list below. Program fees, deadlines and application materials will vary so please refer to each website for details. If you plan to play a varsity-level sport, F1 students must come through a CSIET approved program and not apply 'directly' to AAPS. (All AAPS exchange partner organizations are CSIET approved.)
    3. Deadline: By June 15. Please plan for the time it takes to obtain a visa. 

    Please note, F-1 students already in the US who want to transfer to AAPS from another SEVP-certified private or public high school, still need to complete an application.

    AAPS makes enrollment decisions based on eligibility criteria and space available. To be eligible to attend high school at AAPS on an F-1 academic program visa, you must be:

    1. Proficient in English
    2. Between ages 14 and 18
    3. Entering grades 9 - 12
    4. Have not completed high school in your home country
    5. Able to pay tuition expenses. The tuition rate is $10,000 for the year (Huron, Pioneer Skyline), or $5,000 for the semester at Huron or Pioneer. Students may study for one trimester at Skyline High School for $3,333.
    6. Able to pay living expenses estimated at $500 per month plus $1,000 for health insurance. 

    Students attend the high school that corresponds to the address of the host family. Exceptions are made when students study for less than a year. To learn more about our high schools or to see a list of classes, please go to the following link.

    Per federal regulations, F-1 students attending an SEVP-certified public high school:

    • Are limited to one year of study total at US public high schools in F-1 visa status.
    • Must reimburse the district the full, unsubsidized cost of attendance prior to receiving a Form I-20.
      • AAPS tuition is $10,000, $5,000 for a semester and $3333 for one trimester.  
    • For more information about the F-1 academic program, please refer to the document Study in the States.

    AAPS is not responsible for international student housing. F-1 international students may either come through an AAPS approved partner organization or live with a relative or family friend who lives within district boundaries and will act as the student’s temporary guardian. Host guardians must be over the age of 25, a US citizen or permanent resident, and able to provide a safe, caring and comfortable home. AAPS has the legal obligation to report any suspected incidents of abuse or neglect to the proper authorities.

    International students living with a relative must still apply to the district and reimburse the district for the cost of attendance in order to receive a Form I-20 from AAPS.

    Prospective F-1 students that need housing must apply through a district-approved partner organization that places students with host families.

    Approved F-1 Partner Organizations