April 17, 2018 PTO Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve last month’s minutes made by Corentin Cras Meneur, seconded by Sarah Russell and passed with no objections.

    Teacher Representative: No new items

    Principal report: No new Items

    Budget Discussion:

    2018 Proposed Budget

    There were a few notable changes to expected incomes.

    Bagel Friday and Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits were left blank until someone volunteers to take over these fundraisers. We expect to continue the Little Caesar’s Pizzza Nights next year.

    The Used Book Sale was left blank because PTO is no longer involved and proceeds go to the Media Center.

    PTO Thrift Store donations were left blank because they can no longer guarantee any amount of funding.

    Thurston Players was left blank because we have not yet received word on their donation plans for next year.

    There were also changes to expected expenses.

    Bike Rodeo was left blank until someone volunteers to organize the event.

    The Music Field Trips expenses are expected to be a pass-through item from Thurston Players and not directly from PTO budget.

    Sno-cone Social was increased by $50.00 to cover up-front expenses.

    A new line item was added for the Science Fair so participants can receive ribbons

    Community Service/Thurston Pantry was left empty because they receive outside funding.

    Office Discretionary Grants and Special Request Grants were increased by $400 and $1000 respectively.

    Though the Student Directory and Parent Guide came in over budget last year, we expect lower printing costs and will leave the budget the same.

    Safe Routes was left blank at this time pending grant requests for more vests and parking lot signs.

    A motion was made by Teresa Hatcher to consolidate Thurston Nature Center Landscaping and TNC Beautification into one line item so as to be less confusing. Motion was seconded by Amy Prociuk and passed with no objections. Though the Nature Center is a committee within the PTO, the TNC also raises outside funds that are not listed in our budget and that they use at their discretion.

    Motion to add a line item of $150 for Earth Week Education Events made by Elizabeth Morehead. Motion was seconded by Theresa Russell and passed with no objections.

    International Night has grown in size and organizers are asking participants to provide their own paper goods and plastic ware for the food this year.

    Bagel Friday was left blank until someone volunteers to run the event next year.