AAPS Wellness Policy Committee


    Updated: 3.22.24

    AAPS Wellness Policy and Committee

    School districts participating in the National School Lunch Program and/or School Breakfast Program are required to develop a local school wellness policy and a committee that promotes the health of students. Click here for more information about Local Wellness Policy requirements. 

    AAPS Local Wellness Policy
    The current Wellness policy for Ann Arbor Public Schools can be found here.
    Learn more about the Local Wellness Policy here: 3 min video guide - What is A Local Wellness Policy?

    AAPS Local Wellness Policy Committee
    • Promoting physical activity and healthy eating are focus areas for the AAPS Local Wellness Policy Committee.
    • See Board of Educations' Wellness Policy and more about the Wellness Policy Committee here
    • A full list of 2023-2024 AAPS Local Wellness Policy Members can be found here.

    Have Questions or Feedback on the Wellness Policy or on Student Well-Being?

    Parent, student, staff, and community feedback is important to us. Do you have any questions about nutrition, physical activity, or the Local Wellness Policy? If so, please submit your questions here or contact Elyse Bairley, AAPS Health and Well-Being Coordinator, bairley@a2schools.org.