• MYP Subject Area 2: Language Acquisition

    Huron Courses: Arabic I (506011), Arabic II (506021), French I (IB501011), French II (IB501021), French II AC (IB501022), German I (IB502011), German II (IB502021), Mandarin I (IB504011), Mandarin II (IB504021), Spanish I (IB505011), Spanish II (IB505021), Spanish II AC (IB505022)

    The aims of all MYP subjects state what a teacher may expect to teach and what a student may expect to experience and learn. These aims suggest how the student may be changed by the learning experience. An overarching aim of teaching and learning languages is to enable the student to become a critical and competent communicator.

    The aims of the teaching and learning of MYP language acquisition are to:

    • gain proficiency in an additional language while supporting maintenance of their mother tongue and cultural heritage
    • develop a respect for, and understanding of, diverse linguistic and cultural heritages
    • develop the student’s communication skills necessary for further language learning, and for study, work and leisure in a range of authentic contexts and for a variety of audiences and purposes
    • enable the student to develop multiliteracy skills through the use of a range of learning tools, such as multimedia, in the various modes of communication
    • enable the student to develop an appreciation of a variety of literary and non-literary texts and to develop critical and creative techniques for comprehension and construction of meaning
    • enable the student to recognize and use language as a vehicle of thought, reflection, self-expression and learning in other subjects, and as a tool for enhancing literacy
    • enable the student to understand the nature of language and the process of language learning, which comprises the integration of linguistic, cultural and social components
    • offer insight into the cultural characteristics of the communities where the language is spoken
    • encourage an awareness and understanding of the perspectives of people from own and other cultures, leading to involvement and action in own and other communities
    • foster curiosity, inquiry and a lifelong interest in, and enjoyment of, language learning.