• MYP Subject Area 4: Science

    Huron Courses: Biology (IB401011), Physics I (IB405045), Physics I AC (IB405046), Chemistry I (IB404026), Chemistry I AC (IB404027)

    The aims of all MYP subjects state what a teacher may expect to teach and what a student may expect to experience and learn. These aims suggest how the student may be changed by the learning experience.

    The aims of MYP sciences are to encourage and enable students to:

    • understand and appreciate science and its implications
    • consider science as a human endeavour with benefits and limitations
    • cultivate analytical, inquiring and flexible minds that pose questions, solve problems, construct explanations and judge arguments
    • develop skills to design and perform investigations, evaluate evidence and reach conclusions
    • build an awareness of the need to effectively collaborate and communicate
    • apply language skills and knowledge in a variety of real-life contexts
    • develop sensitivity towards the living and non-living environments
    • reflect on learning experiences and make informed choices.