College Applications & Recommendations

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    Please know-You may turn in your application portion, requests for recommendations, and test scores anytime! The school data and transcripts required by the colleges will not be ready until after Drop/Add deadline in September so we can not complete the counselor portion until that is ready.

    To prepare a college Letter of Recommendation, we must have a copy of your student's “Junior Interview Packet”. A “Senior Update Sheet” should also be completed to add summer & most recent updates. Both Junior Interview & Senior Update forms can be found online. Please note that the University of Michigan DOES NOT require a Counselor Letter of Recommendation but does require a Counselor Recommendation form that will be filled out via Naviance.  Other colleges may not, but it is sometimes helpful.

    If you did not turn in your Junior Interview Packet with any Counselor, you may turn in your packet now. We will complete the Counselor forms required for your application. However, as you were told during your junior year (last year) your counselor may not be able to meet with you for a Junior Interview/College Counseling or write a letter of recommendation by the Early Action/Early Decision Deadline. Note, all other necessary counselor forms will still be filled out to complete your application. Early application ends October 31. After the Early Action deadline, we will again have time to meet for additional College Counseling/Junior Interview sessions.


    College Application processing begins after the Huron fall Drop/Add deadline!
    We need to make sure transcripts/schedules are correct before they go to colleges.
    Allow 2 weeks, 10 business days for processing college applications & recommendations. 
    Please plan accordingly.

    On-Site Admissions Program at Huron HS
    See Google Calendar for events colleges/programs to Huron HS.
    See the College & Career Center Website for more information.

    General College Application Information
    Understand the Timeline & Application Requirements

    College Application Timeline
    Spring Junior Year/Summer Before Senior Year - Finalize College list
    Summer Before Senior Year - Visit Colleges. Work on College Applications, order test scores & send links to recommenders.
    Fall Senior Year - Submit Applications. Most Huron students submit applications before Thanksgiving Break. However, applications can be submitted through the summer after graduation depending on college-specific deadlines. (ie: Early Action for UM is Nov 1, EMU accepts through July 15)

    College Application Deadlines:
    Create a Master Calendar. . . use the monthly view in your planner to write down specific college deadlines. 
    Regular Admission – Usually a later deadline and most of the time applications are not reviewed until this date
    Rolling Admission – Applications are reviewed anytime they are submitted.
    Early Decision (ED) plans are binding — a student who is accepted as an ED applicant must attend the college.
    Early Action (EA) plans are non-binding — students receive an early response to their application but do not have to commit to the college until the normal reply date of May 1.
    Also check out the College Board website:

    College Application Requirements
    Application & Fee
    Check out the applications for the colleges to which you plan to apply. We like Common App as a general guideline. Some applications will be more intense, most will be easier.
    Make sure your e-mail address is "student professional". Something that resembles your name, please.

    Essay & Interview Tips:
    Look for Common Essays and Supplemental Essays as required by each individual college.
    Colleges are looking for "fit" in their community. Write a small amount about the topic, mostly how it impacts you. Identify what exemplifies YOUR "spirit"! How will you impact their community? How do you fit at that college?

    Spell check AND proofread your essay! Read your essay aloud. Ask multiple readers to proofread your essay. Look for basic conventions of writing (spelling, punctuation, grammar), ability to capture (in the first 2 minutes) and retain reader’s attention, flow, and do your words correctly represent your intention, etc. . .

    Be aware of the word count limit. Make sure to answer the prompt/question! Backward plan. . .from the question, to core concepts/skills, to events that give an example of this skill.
    Interview:  understand individual school policy! Some schools may be "optional, but do it" vs others "better no interview than a bad interview". Interviews give a greater chance for the college to hear your voice/spirit and to ask questions!

    Transcript(s) & School Profile
    Submitted via Huron's Records Office and Naviance. You can login via Clever with your school login. 
    For Transfer In credits, request official transcripts from original schools!
    Be aware of Processing Timelines (approx 3 weeks) in relation to College Specific Deadlines!

    Test Scores
    Submit directly from Testing Company (ACT, SAT, TOEFL). We will NOT submit your test scores on your behalf. Some schools are now allowing self-reporting on the application with a copy of the scores upon admittance to that school.
    Be aware of Processing Timelines in relation to College Specific Deadlines!
    Are SAT II tests required? Check out this list. . .

    Teachers & Counselor - See below. Send links to your recommenders asap, your application portion does not have to be complete or submitted to do this.
    Be aware of Processing Timelines (approx 2-3 weeks) in relation to College Specific Deadlines!
    Junior Interview Packet should be turned in for the Counselor Recommendation during your Junior year.
    Updates? Turn in your Senior Update Sheet. . .
    All Counselor recommendation materials are available in the Counseling Office, Records Office, and by clicking here.


    Huron's College Application/Recommendation Process

    Transcripts- Request official transcript through Naviance. You can login via Clever using your school Google login. For Transfer In credits, request official transcripts from original schools.
    Test Scores - Request/Submit through a testing company (College Board/ACT).

    Recommendation(s) & School Report/Forms-

    Enter your Recommender’s email in Naviance. For any letters requested by non-Huron teachers or others, you will need to still request via Common Application or have them send directly to the college. The link should be automatically sent to fill out the OL school report & submit a letter of recommendation. If recommendation & report are required, but only a PDF of the form is available, print out the form, and follow the paper submission procedure below. Note: For Counselor recommendations, Junior Interview Packet should have been turned in Junior year. Updates? Turn in Senior Update Sheet (available at senior registration, Counseling office, &/or see pdf below).

    See the procedure for submitting a paper application to understand what happens "behind the scenes".
    Submitting Paper Applications/Recommendations - Must be routed through the records office. Do not submit paper applications to your counselor.

    Step 1 — Student (Prepare application packet; routing sheet, app materials, envelopes & fees)
    Applications(s) - Get and complete the Application form. May be downloaded/printed from an Online site, from the Career Resource Center or the college or university. Your Counselor and Career Center Professional can help you get access to the application forms. Complete application(s), essays, and additional materials if requested. You may send in individual pieces separately (ie: send in your application without turning it into Huron/Records Office)!
    Test Scores - Request that official test scores be sent to the College(s) directly from the testing company (ACT and/or SAT).

    Huron Transcripts - Request official transcript using Naviance.
    Transfer In Transcript credits, request "official" Transcripts from each original school, for grades/credits transferred in, using the original school's process. If it's not possible to request directly from the original school, Huron can send unofficial copies. Request through Records Office, see below for paper processing procedure.



    Please include an envelope carefully addressed to the college admission office, use Huron High School for the return address (2727 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105), and place sufficient postage on the envelope for the weight (students usually use an 8.5 x 11 envelope with 2-3 stamps) for each college.
    Include a check or money order for the application fee along with a separate payment of $1.00 HHS processing fee for each college.
    (If the application has no counselor/school section, submit only a transcript request form, addressed stamped envelope, and $1.00 for each transcript requested. Remember to use Huron’s address as the return address.)

    Step 2 — Records
    Records Office will accept application packets (routing sheet, application materials, envelopes & fees) and initiate routing through the Records Office and Counselor.
    Prepare application as requested; including G.P.A, decile (if requested), school profile, official Huron transcript, unofficial transcripts for transfer in credits, unofficial test standardized test scores including MEAP, SAT, ACT, AP tests, PSAT, PLAN. (Note: a “decile” is a percentage ranking of students where all students with the same G.P.A. are “ranked” the same. Ex. 4.0 = top 1% of the graduating class.)
    Please remember that official transcripts for transfer in credits and official SAT & ACT scores MUST be sent to the colleges directly by the original schools and test centers (Records is not involved in this process).
    Contact your prospective college to verify they've received the scores.

    Step 3 — Counselor
    Review all application materials submitted to the school.
    Write Recommendation & Fill out School Report Form(s) for each college, when required. (Junior interview packet should have been turned in Junior year if Counselor recommendation is needed. Updates? Turn in senior update sheet)
    Sign application, when required.
    Return to Records office for mailing.

    Step 4 — Records
    Record colleges to which applications have been sent
    Mail application. Most applications will leave Huron within 15 working days of receipt if not sooner (we know how important this process is!). You may check with the College to confirm that application materials have been received. Applications are not considered for admission until all pieces are complete.