Schedule Options

  • Credit Earning Opportunities -

    A variety of ways to take classes/earn high school credit
    Huron offers coursework to all students in a variety of different formats based on the individual learning needs of our students. Please speak with your Counselor to determine which methods will work best in the students four year plan for graduation and how choices in class schedule impact post-secondary goals.

    Students should put together a minimum of a 6 credit hour school day that is in alignment with their EDP (Career Cruising, Educational Development Plan) to be considered full time made up with the various types of classes available; of which at least 50% must be taken through the student's "home building". See Scheduling - Course Selection & Change Process for additional information and work with your Counselor to develop and implement the plan.


    Building Based Classes - Classes at Huron High School

    • These are traditional classes, taught at Huron High School by certified Ann Arbor Public School Teaching staff.
    • Includes all level courses; Regular, AC, AP, and IB courses
    • Class meetings and Curriculum Night are held in February to review graduation requirements and course options.
    • Register through PowerSchool during Course Selections (or upon enrollment).


    Specialty Department Classes

    • Career & Technical Education classes; Cosmetology, Health Science Technology, Homebuilding, Hospitality, Project Lead the Way-Intro to Engineering, etc.
    • Business Classes


    Work Experience/Job/COE Credit

    Have a job? Want a Job? Want to count your job as a class and earn High School credit?

    • Job Credit - students may earn .5 credit per semester for working a minimum of 10 hours per week.
    • COE Credit - students who are enrolled in specific connecting classes may earn 1.0 credit per semester for working a minimum of 10 hours per week.
    • Connecting classes include; Marketing, Hospitality Today, Homebuilding, Auto Services Technology, Cosmetology, Health Science Technology.
    • Register at the COE/Job Placement Office! Located in the Counseling Office.


    Huron "Options" After School ​Program 

    • The Options Online Credit Recovery Program is designed to provide students with a free opportunity to recover loss credit needed for high school completion using the E2020 OL format. The Options program has experienced tremendous success for students, with several past cases of students earning multiple years of credits in a single school year by committing to this work.
    • Procedure:
      • ​Counselor informs/discusses program as option with student.
      • If agreed method for credit earning, Counselor adds student to "wait list" w specific classes needed.
      • When space in the program becomes available, students are notified and provided an announced start date and time.
      • Students MUST attend the lab hours to participate in the program. Conflicts should be discussed with the teacher as any other regularly assigned class.


    A2Virtual (with AAPS, E2020/Edgenuity, and/or Michigan Virtual High School)

    Please discuss with your counselor prior to registration.

    • Information & Registration through A2Virtual High School!
    • Do NOT register directly with Michigan Virtual High School or E2020/Edgenuity.
    • Students have the right to take up to two online courses as part of a "new state law" 2016. AAPS has ALWAYS accommodated students taking OL classes, as long as 50% or more are taken in the home building. ie: At Huron, students may take up to 3 OL classes/7 class day. Students who would like to take 2 or more OL classes, must have an updated EDP that included those classes.
    • You can subscribe to get the most up-to-date information about the AAPS online program by accessing


    Split Schedule w/ AAPS Schools

    • A Split Schedule means to take classes at multiple Ann Arbor Public School Buildings. Students must take at least one half (3-4 classes) of their day at their "Home Building" and may take the balance of their schedule through other credit earning opportunities.
    • The most common Split Schedule is for students to take classes at Community or Pioneer High School or an Online class through Community High School.
    • We usually don't recommend splitting for freshmen, unless it's jazz or dance heading to CHS.
    • Students can split enroll space permitting once scheduling is completed for the students from that home school, about 2 weeks before the start of the semester. Split scheduling is becoming more difficult, however, with budget cuts possibly impacting class openings and transportation. Please do not expect that you will be able to split your schedule. We will do our best within the openings available and often are not able to complete a split schedule until until the first week of classes has started.
    • Let your Huron High School Counselor know if you are interested as early as possible! We will work with you to register for classes and then rework your Huron Schedule.


    Independent Study w/ Certified Huron High School Teaching Staff

    • An Independent Study is a contracted learning experience supervised by a certified member of the Huron High School teaching staff.
    • Awards high school credit and will appear on the High School Transcript.
    • Class will be assigned to a specific class hour.
    • Students meet with their instructor for 2 to 3 hours a week and work independently for another 2 to 3 hours a week for .5 credit or demonstrate mastery of the state standards
    • District wide common assessments may be required to grant credit in specific areas
    • Example: Say you have already taken Sports Medicine I and II, you want to continue your study and involvement in the Sports Medicine Program. You contact a teacher and agree to a program of independent study with the supervision and assistance of the teacher.
    • Registration through your Huron High School Counselor.


    Community Resource Credit w/ non-certified Expert. . .What IS a CR?

    • A Community Resource Credit is a contracted learning experience taught by an “expert” member of the community and supervised by a certified Ann Arbor teacher. The community expert who teaches the class must be a volunteer and cannot be paid for their services.
    • Awards high school credit and will appear on the High School Transcript.
    • Students meet with their volunteer instructor for 2 to 3 hours a week and work independently for another 2 to 3 hours a week for .5 credit or demonstrate mastery of the state standards
    • District wide common assessments may be required to grant credit in specific areas
    • Example: Say you want to study Farsi and your uncle speaks fluently, may even have some teaching experience, or supervisory experience of some kind. He is confident he can provide a structured course in Farsi with assistance from a professional, certified teacher. Your uncle is the expert in the language of Farsi; we are the experts in education. He delivers the instruction with our regular monitoring throughout the semester and we provide the grade and credit.
    • PE and Personal Fitness CR classes are only available to seniors 2nd semester. We anticipate that students will be able to take a blended online Personal Fitness class or apply for a CR in summer school.
    • Registration through Community High School, CR Department using the "Moodle" website


    Dual Enrollment w/ local College and/or Universities

    • Dual Enrollment is when students apply and are accepted to the University as a GUEST STUDENT. As a guest, students are able to register for specific classes with the university, pay tuition and will receive a transcript of classes, credits and grades from that University. During the school year, AAPS helps cover a portion of tuition as part of a students regular class schedule/7-hour day.
    • See Student Services Guide for additional information.
    • Discuss if this option is appropriate with your Huron High School Counselor!!!!!!!!! Students must
      • a) have exhausted the available sequence,
      • b) desired course is not available through any AAPS option,
      • c) can not work the desired course into the student's 6 hour schedule.
    • Register first through your Huron High School Counselor (counselor needs the following information). Then provide documentation and register with the University.
    • If the class is needed to meet High School graduation requirements, the course credit must be transfered into the high school. If not, the high school maintains a copy of the class as evidence of coursework without transferring the credit.

    Students seeking Dual Enrollment with UM must submit the following;

    (If you do not have ALL of this, please consider a CR or another College. UM CRs may not be audited as Pass/Fail, letter grade only)

    • Non-Degree Dual Enrollment Application.
    • Official High School Transcript.
    • High School Counselor Letter stating curriculum exhaustion/recommendation for specific class.
    • Parent's Letter of permission to attend classes on campus.
    • Official AP results in subject area of interest. (NOTE FROM UM: Unfortunately we are unable to waive any piece of the non-degree/dual enrollment application. We do require the AP score for the subject areas that have been exhausted in the high school, and dual enrollment at University of Michigan is not an alternative replacement.)
      Official SAT I or ACT with writing results.
    • UM dual enrollment website:​

    Students seeking Dual Enrollment with EMU must submit the following;

    Students seeking Dual Enrollment with WCC must submit the following;


    Summer School

    • AAPS offers summer school opportunities as a district. Classes include credit recovery and opportunities for advancement.
    • Check out the district website for information:


    Testing Out - Summer

    • AAPS offers summer school opportunities as a district.
    • See AAPS Website for Testing Out info


    Credit Recovery - E2020

    • Students must have taken and failed a course to access this option.
    • Your Counselor should discuss this with you, if you qualify for E2020.


    Study Abroad - Student Exchange Programs

    • AAPS has approved several study abroad programs for students to check out. We support the experience, but do not provide $funding.
    • Please see your counselor if interested in a study abroad experience to help plan for academic transition between schools.