August 29, 2018 PTO Meeting

  • A special meeting was held via conference call to address time-dependent issues before the start of school.

    PTO President Brandy C. Merritt called the meeting to order. Other PTO members present were Natasha York, Elizabeth Morehead, Maisha Ostergren, Kelly Delp, Diane McIntyre, Anne Traicoff, and Alisa Cox.

    One of the PTO co-treasurers, Angela Keiter, is not able to remain on the PTO due to moving out of state. The board agreed that a replacement was needed before school started. Kelly Delp motioned that last year’s treasurer, Corentin Cras Meneur, should fill the open position. The motion was seconded by Elizabeth Morehead and passed with no objections.

    The group also discussed details of the upcoming Heron Harvest Festival Fundraising event. There will be an alcohol-free parents’ night out and a raffle. Kevin Cox is the lead organizer for the event and will be selling raffle tickets and sharing information about the Festival at the back-to-school event.

    The President and Treasurer will be making sure all PTO banking information is updated for the new school year.

    Brandy Merritt also stressed the importance of one unified message being shared with the community from the PTO. To that end, any PTO affiliated groups doing advertising or events should run them through the PTO so the President knows what information is going out. How this will take shape will be discussed further with community groups like the Thurston Nature Center and Thurston Players.

    Action Items: Maisha Ostergren will be sending the finalized Harvest Festival Flyer out by the Sunday newsletter deadline. Kelly Delp will receive a jpeg version from Alisa Cox for the hallway television. Anne Traicoff will send the Harvest Festival information and the notes to the board members for approval before forwarding the notes to the webmaster.