Check-In, Check-Out

  • Check-In, Check-Out is a targeted intervention that can be used to decrease chronic, low-level behaviors that are not dangerous. This program is most effective with students who are reinforced by adult attention. It is based on idea of “behavior report cards.” It involves a daily routine where the student checks in each morning with a designated adult to review daily behavioral goals,  carries a point card throughout the day where adults provide behavioral feedback regarding the goals, and then returns to the designated adult at the end of the day to review feedback and calculate points earned for the day. The student then gives the point card to a parent after school – parent signs for student to return the card to school.

    Components of CICO include:

    • Increased prompts for appropriate behavior
    • Increased adult feedback
    • Increased daily structure for students
    • Increased feedback to families about their child’s behavior.


    This information was adapted from information from Vanderbilt University.

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