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November 13, 2018 PTO Minutes

  • “Teamwork coming together is the beginning, keeping together is the process, and working together is success.” Henry Ford


    Welcome: Alisa Cox, VP : shared quote, passing of previous month’s minutes motioned for (approved). TIME: 6:02pm

    Principal Update: Natasha York : 1. Thank you for Monday’s Common Parent Teacher Conference Night from the Teachers. 2. Notice of Holiday GIving Drive for Thurston Families to have a Bright Holiday Season will be coming out this week. TBA helpers needed to wrap gifts at the end of drive. Susan Wu lead contact. 3. Talent Show coming after winter break, forms will be due before break. 4. Next Week: Fun Run, Thanksgiving Break and Report Cards. During FUN RUN Ms. Taylor will host a brief Building Literacy Informational for families 3rd grade and under, all families are welcome from 12:00-1:00pm. 5. All School Ice Skate Dec. 20th information coming soon: ice skates and bussing will be further addressed.

    Treasurer Update: Burde Gunal : 1. information gathering for filing taxes with the IRS has begun, TNC has reported, Thurston Players has not yet and a follow up is needed with Praveena Ramaswami. ASAP 2. Normal expenses for field trips and income from active fundraising events. 3. Inventory of processes has begun on request forms and procedures. 3. Upcoming financials include: Fun Run, Ice Skating, TNC and Winter Carnival.

    Safe Routes Update: Alisa Cox steps in for RoseMarie Callahan Vice Principal: 1. Selfie Challenge was a success and prizes were given for participation. 2. This month’s challenge is Safety Posters to be created by kids and hung around school. 3. Grant Money’s upcoming will be videos with current safety kids on special safety tips. 4. TBD next Safe Routes Committee Meeting.

    Fundraising Update: Maisha Ostergren: overall goal for the year is approximately $50,000. 1. Upcoming events: Nov. 16th Chuck E. Cheese with special thanks to Kevin Cox for helping this happen. Nov. 20th Fun Run with special thanks to Jamie Tomisella for helping coordinate. Volunteers still needed. Dec. 8th Winter Bazaar time TBD, renting table space to outside vendors and crafters $30-50, 4 hour minimum, donation box at entry instead of entrance fee, open to community.

    Thurston Nature Center Update: Elizabeth Morehead, TNC Chair: 1. Last of kiosks installed and project will be completed by end of December. 2. Water Main Project Restoration: prairie was re-planted this past week by land stewards (Frank Commiskey, Jim Vallem and Michael Tucker) and herself and phase two will be happening in the spring. 3. Butterfly Habitats will increase in the TNC per the butterfly count that happened over the summer. Special thanks to Sandy and Jim Breck for their work on this. 4. Finances more discussion needed.

    Open Forum:

    Community Service Club: Amy Sonntag: 1. Operation Gratitude was a success and several large boxes of candy will be going out to our soldiers. Cards are being included from Thurston Students. Requested funds to help ship the boxes up to $150. Motion was made and seconded by Sharon Weiner and Alisa Cox from the General PTO budget and motion passed.

    Winter Carnival
    : Jeanette Hokett. There was a need for a co-chair. Filled by Mo Hall and Amy Prociuk. More information to come.


    Meeting Adjourned at 7:40pm.