About Strategic Partnerships

  • AAPS  Strategic Partners Support our Students and our Schools

    At AAPS, we want all students to reach their fullest potential. But we cannot do it alone. We’re grateful for our Strategic Community, Educational and Business partners who provide invaluable support to our students, our teachers and our schools.

    Strategic partners are Community, Educational and Business partners who are committed to working with AAPS at the district-level in one of these key priority areas:

    • Support for students experiencing economic hardship
    • Support for students facing barriers to achievement
    • Curriculum support and programming
    • Social emotional support
    • Academic and literacy support
    • Career readiness support
    • Wellness support
    • Environmental sustainability support

     Strategic Partners provide many different types of support to students and teachers, including but not limited to programming, donations, scholarships, volunteers, and other opportunities.

    Have a Partnership Request? 
  • Contact us

    Nancy Shore
    Director, Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement
    partners@a2schools.org; 734-994-2300 x53245