AAPS Strategic Partnership Engagement: 2020-2021 School Year

  • Ann Arbor Public Schools has a rich history in engaging with Strategic Partners to support our students and our schools. Strategic Partners allow AAPS to offer more support, services, programming and enrichment opportunities than we could do on our own.

    The COVID-19 closure has changed the way that we are able to engage with Strategic Partners. Instead of in-person engagement in our schools, all Strategic Partner engagement with AAPS will be virtual until further notice.

    Interested in Providing Frequent Virtual Engagement with AAPS?

    All new and existing Strategic Partners who are interested in providing frequent virtual engagement (including frequent volunteers, programming or other ongoing support) must complete the AAPS Virtual Engagement Checklist in order to be approved as an AAPS Strategic Partner in the fall. Partners who will not be providing frequent virtual engagement will be asked to create a partner plan with AAPS for the coming year.

    Being approved as an AAPS Strategic Partner for virtual engagement means your organization, group or company:

    • Is committed to working with AAPS at the district level in order to provide the greatest benefit to AAPS students, staff, programs and schools.
    • Agrees to a set of protocols that ensure the health, safety and privacy of our students.
    • Is approved to provide virtual engagement opportunities to AAPS staff, students, programs and/or schools for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Being approved does not guarentee you will be able to partner with a school or schools. Partnership depends on school interest, ability and capacity to partner.

    AAPS Virtual Engagement Checklist

    Partnership Priorities

    During the 2020-2021 School Year, AAPS will prioritize partnerships that provide Academic and Social Emotional Support for AAPS students most in need of these services.

    Have a Partnership Request that doesn't involve frequent virtual engagement? Complete our Partnership Request form.

    If you have any questions about AAPS Strategic Partnerships, please contact us at partners@a2schools.org

  • AAPS  Strategic Partners Support our Students and our Schools

    At AAPS, we want all students to reach their fullest potential. But we cannot do it alone. We’re grateful for our Strategic Community, Educational and Business partners who provide invaluable support our students, our teachers and our schools.

    Strategic partners are Community, Educational and Business partners who are committed to working with AAPS at the district-level in one of these key priority areas:

    • Support for students from poverty
    • Support for students facing barriers to achievement
    • Curriculum support and programming
    • Social emotional support
    • Academic and literacy support
    • Career readiness support
    • Wellness support
    • Environmental sustainability support

     Strategic Partners provide many different types of support to students and teachers, including but not limited to programming, donations, scholarships, volunteers, and other opportunities.

    Want to become a strategic partner or have a partnership request? 

    Complete our partnership request form.  

  • Contact us

    Nancy Shore
    Strategic Partnership and Volunteer Coordinator
    partners@a2schools.org; 734-994-2300 x53245