Superintendent Evaluation 2019

  • Ann Arbor Public Schools
    Board of Education
    Statement on 2019 Superintendent Evaluation

    The Board of Education would like to thank Dr. Jeanice Kerr Swift for her leadership as Superintendent of the Ann Arbor Public Schools. The Board has completed its evaluation of Dr. Swift on January 22, 2020.

    This evaluation process occurs throughout the year and considers Dr. Swift’s work in the areas of board governance, community and staff relations, instructional leadership, and business and finance. We would call our community’s attention to the many inputs in this process, including Dr. Swift’s State of the Schools Annual Report, and the many reports covering all aspects of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

    We are pleased to share the results of the completed 2019 Superintendent Evaluation as follows: Dr. Swift received an overall score 3.65 out of 4, a Highly Effective rating.

    The Board is pleased to announce this result, and we look forward to her continued leadership of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.