December 18, 2018 PTO Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of previous meeting Minutes: Motion made by Sarah Russell and seconded by Benjamin Badalamente. Motion passes with no objections.

    Principal’s report: Ms. Callahan says thanks to everyone for all you’ve done this year. Mr. Smith requests shoulder rests for musical instruments that would cost $188.50 total. Motion to approve made by Michelle McManman, seconded by Rita Simpson-Vlach. Motion passes with no objections.

    Safe Routes to School: Haven’s “Big Thumbs Up” Poster Challenge will be from January 7-31. Students will create 8.5” X 11” posters showing safe behaviors on the way to and from school. Posters will be put on the school kiosk and small prizes will be given for participation. Safe Routes committee is looking for a few more people to participate in meetings and idea-sharing. They could also use someone to help keep traffic moving in the parking lot. Remember that students should not be in the building before the morning bell rings unless the temperature with wind chill is below zero.

    Science Olympiad: Laurie Buis, one of the head coaches, updated progress. The first parent meeting had a great turnout, and there will be a second meeting on January 23rd. Online registration is open through the Thurston website. Each grade level features 1-4 small groups coached primarily by parents, usually meeting in the evenings and weekends outside of school. Parents can also recruit older siblings or family members to volunteer if they are unable to do it themselves.

    Fundraising: Maisha Ostergren talked about the upcoming Chili’s fundraising night. We made around $400 from the Winter Bazaar and we’re finalizing the total for the fun run. It looks like about $26,000.00 so great job everyone. Kevin Cox will be taking orders for the Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits very soon.

    Thurston Nature Center: Winter Solstice Walk, 6:00 to 8:00 on Friday December 21st starting at Yorktown. There will also be a Broom Hockey and Hot Cocoa event Saturday January 5th from 1:00-3:00 on the Thurston Pond (this will be rescheduled due to unseasonably warm weather.) Brandy Merritt shared the PTO’s appreciation for the work of the Thurston Nature Center volunteers and we look forward to meeting the TNC board members at the January meeting.

    Open Items: Thurston Wish List has been mostly filled due to the generosity of our community. The Thurston Pantry is always accepting donations for families who need food and household items throughout the year. Thank you for your support.

    Brandy Merritt wanted to thank the PTO members for their support in making things run so smoothly during her term as president.