Pedestrian Safety

  • Pedestrian Safety – Walking Safely in the City of Ann Arbor


    When using an activated crosswalk please remember these tips:

    • Push the button before you step off the curb and proceed into the crosswalk.
    • Every student should push the button prior to crossing as this restarts the flasher sequence.
    • Most flashers operate for about 30 seconds on four lane roads, a bit shorter on two lane roads.
    • Wait to ensure cars have stopped before stepping off the curb and crossing.


    General Tips on Walking Safety

    • Cross at the crosswalk.Ann Arbor's cros​swalk ordinance requires that motorists stop for pedestrians at or in crosswalks, but only at crosswalks.​
    • Look both ways before entering the street.
    • Use the signals.Traffic signals are there to help pedestrians communicate with drivers. In Ann Arbor's downtown, all traffic signals include a pedestrian crossing interval in each signal cycle. Outside the downtown area, some signals have a pedestrian call button which, when pressed, adds a pedestrian crossing interval. 
    • Take refuge. Some crosswalks have a pedestrian refuge island in the street.  Cross easily and safely, one side of traffic at a time.
    • Be visible.In the dark, wear light-colored clothing and reflective gear to ensure your visibility.
    • Report sidewalks that aren't treated or plowed.Sidewalks should be treated for ice or plowed of snow in a timely fashion. You can report untreated sidewalks ​by using A2 Fix It or calling City of Ann Arbor Community Standards at 734.794.6942​.