Rising Scholars Eligibility, Expectations, & Outcomes

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    Each building has a Rising Scholars review team that is responsible for identifying students who have the potential to be successful in the program. This is a collaboration between the middle schools and the high schools. Candidates are evaluated based on the following criteria:

    • Math, science and English grades of 'B' or higher
    • Lexile score of 1000 or higher
    • PSAT/ACT/ scores
    • Proficiency on the M-Step in English Language Arts and Math
    • Satisfactory attendance history
    • Positive discipline history

    Program Expectations

    • 9th grade leadership course - year-long (2 trimesters at Skyline) + 10 volunteer hours
    • 10th grade - peer and mentor support  + 10 volunteer hours + one 1-1 meeting with building coordinator per semester Please note: There is no leadership course offered in the 10th grade.
    • 11th grade - 1 semester leadership course + 10 volunteer hours + One 1-1 meeting with building coordinator per semester
    • 12th grade - 1 semester leadership course  + 10 volunteer hours + One 1-1 meeting with building coordinator per semester

    Program Outcomes

    • Prepared to take AP/AC courses
    • Increased study skills through participation in study groups and tutoring
    • Increased enrollment and completion of AP/AC courses
    • Successful completion of a financial literacy course
    • Increased enrichment in Summer Learning Academy in English and math courses
    • Gained awareness of the process of attending college
    • Enhanced soft skills as identified by the College Board
    • Self-efficacy related to college awareness
    • Improved high school graduation, college matriculation, and college completion rates
    • Help close achievement gap with under-represented subgroups
    • Strong leadership skills