February 19, 2019 PTO Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve previous meeting minutes made by Kelly Delp, seconded by Alisa Cox and passed with no objections.

    Girls on the Run: Lauren Heinonen spoke about the program’s goals of reaching girls’ “untapped potential” with the help of trained coaches and lesson plans. The program is $165.00 plus $30.00 Rec and Ed fee, but they do have scholarships. The program uses running to inspire and motivate participants. Girls set goals to achieve while running laps and playing games. This promotes lifelong fitness.

    Safe Routes: The team is helping to organize the Bike Rodeo and will have a date soon.

    Fundraising: Jess White from Hungry Harvest spoke about their fundraising program. They sell produce boxes and give a portion of sales to the school. The menu changes each month and they offer both organic and non-organic items. You can fill out a “never list” for non-preferred items. They deliver directly to your home and you receive a message from the driver upon delivery.   The boxes and insulation are recyclable and the only thing they need to pick up would be any ice packs. They will track the sustainability impact of your school fundraiser and the program can go from three months to a year long with the option of a vacation hold. They provide all marketing materials for the program and have no enrollment or cancellation fees. They estimate that every box will eliminate ten pounds of food waste, 480 gallons of water waster, one gallon oil waste, and thirty pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

    March 8th is another Chuck E Cheese Night

    March 1st is the next Box Tops deadline.

    Principal Report: Kindergarten Roundup is on February 21st. We could still use a few more older students and adults to help with tours.

    Winter Carnival is on March 1st and Chess Tournament is on March 2nd and both could still use some more volunteers.

    Concerns were brought up about getting volunteers for our many events. It was agreed that we should show our appreciation by thanking volunteers, by name for smaller events or as a whole for larger events. This can be done in the newsletter as well as the TV outside the office. Someone mentioned the possibility of gifting some volunteers who are always assisting with Thurston shirts or other swag.

    A committee has been formed to update the PTO bylaws. It could still use some more members, especially someone familiar with legal language/documents. Please contact the PTO if you are interested.

    Mrs. Rothfeld requested funding for Wackadoo Zoo costumes. With the increase in Thurston’s student population we will no longer have enough for all the students to perform. The group agreed that this was important, and asked Maisha to submit a final cost for materials for an official vote.   Once approved, a sewing team is ready to begin construction.