Spring Safety Reminders

  • school crossing illustration As the weather improves more of our students are walking and biking to school. Please remember these safety tips and share them with your students!
    • Cross at the crosswalk. Ann Arbor's ​crosswalk ordinance requires that motorists stop for pedestrians at or in crosswalks, but only at crosswalks.​
    • Look both ways before entering the street.And wait for the car(s) to stop before proceeding.
    • Use the signals. Traffic signals are there to help pedestrians communicate with drivers. In Ann Arbor's downtown, all traffic signals include a pedestrian crossing interval in each signal cycle. Outside the downtown area, some signals have a pedestrian call button which, when pressed, adds a pedestrian crossing interval.  
    • Take refuge. Some crosswalks have a pedestrian refuge island in the street.  Cross easily and safely, one side of traffic at a time.
    • Be visible. In the dark, wear light-colored clothing and reflective gear to ensure your visibility.

    Bus Riding Safety

    For Car Drivers

    • Follow the rules and stop when bus flashers and the stop sign are activated. 
    • Be aware of students exiting the bus and crossing the street.

    For Bus Riders

    After getting off the bus please make sure all traffic has stopped if you have to cross the street. Do not proceed into the road until all cars have come to a complete stop.