• Ms. Jackson’s 3rd graders were very excited to have Michigan’s Lt. Governor, Garlin Gilchrist as our mystery reader.

    Lt. Governor Gilchrist visited our class to help us celebrate March Is Reading month 2019!

    Lt. Governor class picture  

    Lt. Governor Reading to our class

    This was a March is Reading Month collaboration between the LtGovernor's office, MEA, AAEA, and AAPS.     Currently Ms. Jackson serves as our AAEA Minority & New Teacher Affairs Chair. 

    The Mission of this committee is to help recruit, hire, develop, and retain New Teaching Staff for Ann Arbor Public Schools, with an immediate focus in Minority affairs and avocation for all new teachers within the district.  

     As chair of the Minority & New Teacher Affairs committee, Ms. Jackson:

    • Have the responsibility to help orientate new teachers.

    • Provide Professional Development designed by teachers, for teachers.

    • Help keep all AAPS probationary teachers compliant with State and District PD hour requirements.

    • Recruit and hire new teachers by taking part in the AAPS interview process as well as attending job fairs.

    All of these things, the committee does, again, in collaboration with our Superintendent, AAPS, and AAEA.  As an AAPS teacher (and mother of 3 AAPS students) Ms. Jackson believes that the quality and successes of our AAPS students' education comes from exactly these kinds of partnerships.